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    Ok. i was doing fine until a few minutes ago when I suddenly could not access I come up with an empty html area and manage wp when it tried to back up to the site can only back up the data base no matter how many folders I exclude. I tried going through the posts and checking the data bases but it looks so different from what everybody describes. I tried the wp-options section but there was no url. I really don’t want to reinstall wordpress, again.

    I tried deleting any plugins I thought were braking the site as I installed some new ones, but no joy. I also tried deleting my theme to let it default back to twentytwelve theme but no go. I’m running wordpress 3.5 Perhaps this is a fluke and will fix itself tomorrow as I don’t remember doing anything to cause this. I really don’t want to reinstall because I have several hundred posts I cannot I don’t think get access to again to make sure they are in the right order. I have a few of them backed up via the export function of wp but that’s about it. the site in question is and I did put that in the general settings area and it was working up until a few minutes or maybe even half an hour ago as I was getting ready to do some work on the site.

    Update I did used to access but suddenly the site turn s up empty yet I can see everything looks fine in wp-content. Any help please? I could try and restore to an earlier back up via the webmen area but I don’t want this to happen again.

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  • Here is the Apache log.

    I have forgotten if that’s what one wants to try and diagnose trouble. It started yesterday at who knows when.

    and here is the error log. I think I migh have gone back too far

    Hope this hleps. I’m very much tempted to install the wordpress thing all together. I’m backing up all of my stuff now.

    Turned out it was the add from server plugin. it was not supported by my provider which was running not the latest php. I dont’ remember but since I’ve switched providers it runs fine now and I can access my admin area all I want. Thanks.

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