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  • Running WP 3.5.1 with several plugins, including Jetpack.

    As of two days ago, every time I schedule a post in advance, it never posts. It just says ‘Missed Schedule’ on the Posts page, and never appears.

    Troubleshooting I have done so far:
    1) Disable all plugins. Result: still happens. And when I tried to reenable plugins, Jetpack didn’t work any more, with the error ‘verify_secrets_missing’ and ‘Error Details: The Jetpack server encountered the following client error: Verification took too long’. So now jetpack doesn’t work either.
    2) Check to make sure that the cron PHP task is being called. Result: yes, it appears in the log a bajillion times in the last day.
    3) Did not try reverting to default theme, since the blog is already hosted on a BARELY modified (cosmetic modifications only) child theme of 2011.
    4) Verify that the blog’s address ( ) resolves properly on the machine, and curl can retrieve it. Result: Yes, it does and yes, it can.
    5) Verify that the /etc/hosts file is reasonable. Result: yes, it is.
    6) Possibly related: trying to figure out the problem with jetpack, I deleted it, reinstalled it from scratch. Result: same error as above, no change.

    The blog is hosted at Hurricane Electric, on Linux, nothing at all interesting about the hosting environment (it’s a relatively recent version of PHP, etc).

    Please please please don’t make me learn PHP to troubleshoot it. Last time I started that I could feel my brain cells dying.

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