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    I woke up to a down indicator on my site and no access to the dashboard. I had performed no updates the day before nor changed anything on the site. While digging through and about to turn on debugging, I get an email from WordPress and it’s blaming the downtime on an error in the plugin HD Quiz.

    It’s been updated to 1.8.1 for a while now and I’m on WP 5.5.1 and I have nothing on auto-update. This is the error it was posting and I’m having to disable the plugin to get the site back up.

    This plugin failed to load properly and is paused during recovery mode.

    An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 317 of the file /**/**/**/**/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php. Error message: Cannot use isset() on the result of an expression (you can use “null !== expression” instead)

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    Hi adaptablespace,
    No code has changed in HD Quiz (as you are aware since you are still using 1.8.1 and no change to WordPress either. Since the code has not changed, something else must have instead. My guess is that the issue is that your host messed up an upgrade to your PHP version on your account. The isset function is a super basic PHP function that has been around for decades.

    Here is a previous support request with some more information that was posted a couple of months ago:

    So I recommend logging into your cPanel account and changing the PHP version (Might be called Select PHP Version in cPanel) on your account to something different. This should “reload” your PHP modules/extensions and fix your issue.

    Please let me know if this does not work for you and I’ll help you debug this further.

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