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  • Hello to all

    I have this strange problem, a sudden language change, at the dashboard and main site areas. Yesterday i visited the web site and was ok, all names and sections and everything was the way i left it to the actual owner of this web site, all was at spanish. The page was running over a month in a 2.3.1 wp and all the ui and the language package was isntalled and running smooth without any problem. And today the owner called me and told that the site was in english, the dashboard and public areas. So i checked it out, and was in english. I checked the wp-config.php file and was ok. Also checked and uploaded the spanish language pack the file. And the site is still in english, i dunno and apologize if this post needs to go to the bug section or its fine been posted here, but i need some advice here, please. As background i have a middle designer-programing knownledge base, and that site was working as i wrote before in spanish and gave no problem at all. The hosting is if its required, and the web site is: , if someone wants to see what im saying. Any clue will be a great help and thanks in advance.

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  • It looks like Spanish to me. Did you fix it?


    No its no fixed yet, what is changed are the tittles of the widgets for example: categories was categorías, the calendar was in spanish december was diciembre, and so. But most important to me,is that the dashboard was tablero and all its functions are in english now, and the actual owner and admin for the web site speaks only spanish ( and reads only spanish also). The contents of the site remains in the original language that they were wroten, thats not the problem as you can see. Also the written content of the pages are stored in the sql database and i also checked that up, and there were no irregularities. I had tried till now 3 times to reinstall the spanish language pack and no positive results. Im thinking to backup the database and the contents uploads folder, plugins and content in general terms, and wipe out the site and reinstall it from zero, maybe using the fantastico or manually. I haven´t get to a final decision on that. Thanks for your interest DianeV.

    And what did your host say – if you are sure you (or the owner) did NOT modify anything?
    Any software/hardware upgrade made by the host?

    If nothing is translated despite the .mo file being there and the config set to Spanish… you should ask whether the gettext is enabled on that server.



    I have the same problem in my site. I use the hebrew translation files. I checked the configuration and it seems OK. Everything was working just great until yesterday. I sent a question to my hosting service but still didn’t get an answer. You write about gettext – As far as I understand wordpress has it’s own gettext. What else can be wrong?



    I found a solution through this post

    The direct link to the solution here:
    WordPress and problem with language files (.mo)

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