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    Hi guys,

    I’ve been using the Sucuri plugin for some time, and I’ve recently started to use New Relic to track the performance of the website. I was getting occasional slowness (including errors in the admin) but couldn’t quite find the pattern. The slowness is quite bad, up to 20 seconds to load a page in the admin where normally it’s well under a second.

    Now with New Relic, I’ve found that the huge load happens every 15 minutes and last for about 3-4 minutes.
    See Screenshot

    New Relic shows that 99% of the load on the server is due to the Sucuri Plugin.
    As soon as I deactivate the plugin, the performance goes back to normal with no such spikes.

    I’ve tried to deactivate some specific scans in Sucuri, but couldn’t pinpoint what was doing this every 15 minutes, only deactivating the whole lot seemed to make the trick.

    Any idea where it’s coming from?

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  • Interesting bug report. There is nothing in the plugin that runs every 15 minutes automatically. There is only one cronjob that runs (by default) twice daily and you can increase the frequency of the scans to once every hour, but there is nothing that runs consistently every 15 minutes.

    I believe this is a mixture of two things: API communication latency + your website’s traffic. The plugin is constantly sending requests to our API service when a relevant event is triggered by WordPress. It is possible that “something” is triggering one of these events every 15 minutes. What is not clear to me is why it is taking +3 minutes to go back to the normal performance.

    The tests that we have for the plugin are executed in more than +15 different server environments including the most popular hosting providers. I haven’t found any significant performance decay in any of these tests. What hosting provider are you using? I can buy an account to them to test the plugin in the same environment.

    Marking as resolved for now, feel free to re-open if the issue persists.

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