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  • Found one of my blogs was hacked last week; and after a day of cleaning out my WP install and theme files I fixed the problem. But just this weekend I discovered that the hack just wasn’t in that blog, it was in basically every PHP file on my server, ugh! So instead of cleaning up this mess on my own I’m just going to cough up some cash and have someone do it for me. That brings me to my question, has anyone ever used Sucuri’s Malware Removal service? Or could anyone recommend a good malware removal company?


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  • I’m interested as well.



    Ended up using them to clean my sites; would highly recommend them. Exceptionally quick service. They got all 3 of my sites clean within a few hours (and they were fairly large sites – 1000+ infected files). Not to mention that if you get a plan they’ll check your sites in 4 or 6 hour intervals for attacks, etc.

    Don’t hesitate in using them if you need sites cleaned from malware.

    Great, thanks for the info.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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