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  • You should really send them an email then, cause..this isn’t a WordPress issue, it’s a menu issue..and it’s their’s. I couldn’t get that working myself actually..and I just scrapped it..



    I wish I could give up. here’s the site with the problem

    this guy has a cross browser solution, but I don’t know css well enough to implement it.

    I don’t want to sound mean, but, this is not a WordPress issue! “We” volunteers here, have enough work, just handling WordPress related issues/problems.

    However, there might be someone that comes along to help you, it’s just not going to be me. I don’t really know that menu, I don’t care about that menu, and I don’t have the time at all, to be able to help with it.

    If I didn’t have to handle WordPress installs for people every day, didn’t handle normal WordPress issues/problems every day, didn’t handle help requests via Instant Messengers all day.. and whatever else comes along, I would have the time..

    I’m sorry.. but, that’s how it is.. =( Hopefully someone comes along to help you though.. =)


    Step one: validate HTML

    Step two:validate CSS

    Step three: see if it helps to validate your code. If not, then ask questions.

    Youre right, my suckerfish menu problem isnt a WordPress issue. If I could find a decent horizontal multi-level menu for WordPress, I would love to build all my websites in WordPress.

    Right now my friends and I build 2-4 websites a week in html or Joomla, but I can’t convince them to switch because there isnt a decent horizontal menu system in WordPress.

    If you want WordPress to be a competitive CMS, throw me a frickin bone. and thank you (seriously) for your time.

    Just spitting this out for ya though, it’s a horizontal menu based theme, with drop down menus in it. Someone told me about this numerous of months ago..

    I didn’t really care for it though,’s the url:
    Theme Name: Jillij

    Various versions, and so forth..


    Also, I don’t have a MAC, so..either way, I’m not much help really sigh. =( Wish I did have one though.. =) 😉

    right here is the codex on creating WordPress list menus.

    Seriously, you should validate. TONS of issues are solved by simply validating (and if you created 2-4 wesbites a week – no matter in *what* – you should know that).

    As for centering in IE – put in “body {text-align:center;}” in your stylesheet. IE doesn’t center based on the “margin:0 auto;” thing. You always have to use text alignment for IE centering. (Again, if you code sites this often, you should know that.) Your #nav is also set with a margin-left of 150px – it’s not centered in Firefox, either. It’s 150px from the left side of the browser because of that – the setting of the left margin overrides any cenetering setting you’d have anyway.

    I would guess that the reason your links aren’t the right color is because you have “#nav a” set as #FFF, but you don’t have your “#nav li a” set. IE (and Macs) like a lot of specificity.

    There’s your bone.

    And suggesting WordPress *isn’t* a competive CMS is quite silly – especially stating so on a board that’s filled with nothing but volunteers who offer their time (and what knowledege they have) up for free. A lot of us make suggestions based on what little we can do – to expect us to do it *for* you is stretching it a bit.

    >>because there isnt a decent horizontal menu system in WordPress.<<

    Use use Son of Suckerfish *all the time* with no issues – in WordPress and many other systems, as well as straight-up (X)HTML. Perhaps the issue is that you don’t understand what you are doing with it?

    Just sayin’ – maybe you should take the time and learn what it is that SOS menus *do* exactly, before getting slightly hostile because some of us don’t have a lot of time to assist in something that really has nothing to do with these boards. We try to help – you should try to take the advice we can give before getting upset because it’s not the answer you’re looking for.

    Thanks for the help. I’m on my way to having a good menu, and cleaner code. I am grateful for the responses.

    The Jillij theme is great.

    Can you think other WordPress sites or themes with Suckerfish or Transmenu’s?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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