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  • Has anyone had success using some type of image gallery plugin for WordPress 1.2.1?
    I have tried, PictPress, IImage Gallery, and Exhibit. They have failed to work one way on another.
    I actually like PictPress alot but it won’t work properly with more than 3 pictures in a single post. Are there any other plugins someone would recommend? Thanks.

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  • I’ve had no problems with iimage gallery. Very easy to install and manipulate. What was your problem, specifically?

    check simple php gallery.
    i’ve found that it pops right into a hollowed out index.php and looks wonderful, and works very well.

    Would you mind elaborating a bit more on how you hollowed out the index.php file? I assume you merged index.php and sp_index.php but I’m unclear as to exactly how the syntax looks.
    Also, I’m assuming you installed everything to a folder, if not a subdomain, right? They give very detailed explanations of the code at the website you linked but not much in the way of installation or customization.

    sure thing.
    for 1.2(.1) and earlier:
    0. install simplePHPgallery, and set it up how you like it in a sub folder of your WP install (perhaps called “gallery?”)
    0a. use the htaccess option for the application.
    1. make a copy of your index.php
    2. remove the loop.
    2a. rename and upload this page to test it so that you are absolutely sure it will load and display correctly before you make any more changes.
    3. insert the entire text of the sp_index.php in the empty space created (where the loop was.)
    4. upload this into the root directory of SPG.
    4a. view the file to be sure it’s working (it won’t look perfect yet, so as long as the gallery loads into your theme all is well.)
    5. add the entire contents of the spg css file to your site’s css document.
    5a. review these additions: you’ll notice there are some basic html modifications in the spg css which conflict with the WP css. remove the SPG duplicate tags.
    6. upload the css file.
    7. view the new document again, make sure it’s working.
    7a. make any width, color or other adjustments to make it look exactly right for your site.
    8. rename the completed/styled page sp_index.php. remove the old one (in the gallery folder) and replace it with this one.
    9. you are done, and it should look, work, and match your site just like this.
    and don’t forget to thank the gallery author, and donate a little something to his life? This is great work, and it’s free.
    hope this sorts you out completely.

    for whatever reason that link tries to go through the WP site first…
    dunnoe why.
    here it is again:

    I have spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours looking for the perfect image gallery that will play nicely with WP.
    I am currently using the stand alone Menalto Gallery script (like Photomatt) which I have heavily customised.
    But I have just started working on tidying up the WordPress based Pictorialis to match my requirements. It’s basically another WP installation. You can see my efforts here (under heavy development so will change/fail from hour to hour).

    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. Much appreciated.
    I’m going to give it a shot and see how it works. I’ve gone through a couple different galleries looking for the right one. Hopefully this one integrates well.

    thanks for the advice. 🙂 I will give simple php gallery a try when I have time later this week. I think if that doesn’t work, I’m going to go with Menalto Gallery. Pictorialis isn’t exactly what I want since I want to show multiple images within a blog.
    The problem I had with iimage was when it tried to create thumbnails. I get the same problem with Exhibit. For Pictpress, it can creat 3 thumbnails and anything more than that fails.
    I am thinking it could be a problem with Imagemagick. Although I have full countrol of my server, I’m not too sure how to configure Imagemagick. I’m hoping GD will give me better luck.

    There is an *oops* in step 9 of dss’ explanation…the hyperlink is hooped. Try this link instead.

    What version of SPG are you using? I’m not able to resize images, even though I’ve set the variable to true. Also, the quality of the thumbnails is horrible. I’m not sure what could be causing this.
    A link to see for yourself.

    Nuclear Moose, see this comment for a bit of help. I’m working on figuring out the issues with resizing, but you should be able to fix the thumbnail problem if you have GD 2.x

    Any idea how to solve my problem as I described it in my earlier comment?

    Try changing line 3 from this path:
    to this path:
    It sounds like it’s looking in the wrong place for the include file, this will tell it to look for it in the parent directory.

    what the meaning of
    use the htaccess option for the application.
    can anyone kindly explain it to me? do i need to edit it or something?

    Don’t forget to read the instructions Paul provides with the application so that you understand how it works.
    In sp_config.php, look for:
    //$modrewrite Settings
    $modrewrite = false;

    and set it to:
    //$modrewrite Settings
    $modrewrite = true;
    Then, copy the contents of the .htacess file Paul provides into your own .htaccess file and you will then have nice URLs. If you don’t do this, the gallery will still work, but the URLs will simply be ugly.

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