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  • If is released then, would an ‘svn update’ locate it or would it need checked out again ?

    It would need to be checked out again, changing the tags like, like so:
    svn sw
    (sw is for switch)

    Has this changed again ? is no longer available, so maybe the /trunk is now the latest stable version instead of the latest dev code ?


    Mark (podz)


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    “Beta versions, nightly builds, and Subversion check outs
    on the WordPress support forums or on the WordPress Codex.”

    don’t be an ass, podz. I asked a question about subversion, not wordpress. oh wait. let me rephrase it podz-style. ” I asked a question about subversion, NOT WORDPRESS!”

    Mark (podz)


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    Yeah yeah yeah ….. if it wasn’t a wordpress question, what’s it doing here ?

    Oh Podz, I think you just wanted to run in and paste that tag ” NOT SUPPORTED!! ” 🙂

    Let’s not argue, but see title ? “Subversion to check out STABLE releases.” I like Matt’s subversion idea to update multiple installations, but I want to make sure I check out the most recent stable releases. If Subversion /trunk/ is the nightly builds, I want to avoid that. For a moment I thought /trunk/ might have been changed, but I mistook masquerade’s post to mean that was out, while it was not.

    This may help others who want to use subversion also, knowing that they need to be careful not to checkout /trunk/ if they are trying to keep up to date with the most recent STABLE releases.

    Btw, Masquerade has been awesome help on this topic. I appreciate his assistance.

    Li’l confused here: I thought the only “stable” versions were the ones obtained through the download link above? So is what you’re really looking for some way of being notified when there’s a new release for download from the site?

    Moderator James Huff


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    Yes, the only stable versions are the ones obtained through the download link above. The current stable version is v1.5.1.3. If you want update notification, install this plugin:

    Thanks macmanx – I thought that was the situation, but I’m frequently wrong….

    I’m using the version checker with wp-dash – it’s SUPER!

    No. It is my understanding that the Subversion checks out stable releases also. If you go here you’ll notice a /tags/ directory that contains several recent stable releases.

    Then, if I understand correctly, the /trunks/ path is more of a nightly build. As I had been running 1.6 Alpha apparently and didn’t realize it.

    vkaryl, yes another thing I want to do is keep updated for security reasons mostly. The subversion allows me to easily and within minutes have many installs of wordpress updated to the latest STABLE release.

    I too am interested in using Subversion with maintaining the latest stable update(s).

    I had a copy of but did a svn switch to to get the latest 1.5.2 update (no tag for it yet).

    Is there a documented changelog of what stable release corresponds to what revision in the repository? If not, where can we request this?


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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