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  • First of all:

    WordPress encourages people to create and modify the source code, and then you get to the Subversion part, and it SUCKS.

    If I’ve got this far, to create a plugin thanks to instructions in dumb language, you CAN’T MISS ONE SINGLE PAGE to explain with less than 30% more text what the boing it’s talking about!

    Subversion? is that an app? is that a server?
    You say “you just need to create a directory…” and then to do blah blah with the repository (that wasn’t clear since the beginning)…” and then you show a whole page of terminal commands :S:S:S:S

    That’s not the way we made plugins!

    Is there another way (GUI way) to do that?
    I wen to that Tigris site and there’s no “New Project” button/link.

    There’s no connection between “Your plugin requests” and my new plugin area/status (if any). My email takes me to places where NOBODY is welcoming me.

    Hopefully, I installed a demo version of DreamWeaver CS5 and when I went to use my user/pass with FTP, I saw “Version Control…” or so…
    and voilá. I made a successful connection.

    Now, thanks for hear me screaming out my 3 hours of pain, here.

    Does anybody know what this error is?
    SVN: #XXXXXX, Commit failed (details follow):
    Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to CHECKOUT request for ‘/!svn/ver/256366/downloads-box/trunk’

    I have a plugin and I CAN’T UPLOAD IT!!
    It’s VERY frustrating diving through PHP and wordpress tags, Using JavaScript as if it were Basic ’90, producing nice CSS for them, and then getting STUCK at such small vague how-to page!
    I’m not a PHP programmer, but… how long would a regular programmer take to create a super simple back end for us to upload the files?? 3 hours? 4?

    I assume that was meant for developers, but, common! we are the same people who can develop simple plugins already!

    Don’t teach me to ski, right before move me to the desert!

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