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  • Dear Amit,
    I created a page called “Nouveautés” to write a subtitle under the title.
    I wrote a few words on the section titles and subtitles of the page as it is on the page shop (called favoris in my website).
    The link of this page which is ok:
    My problem is that the subtitle written in the same way on the Nouveautés page does not appear.
    I configued the Nouveautés page as child of “shop”.
    If I put that the page has no parent, the subtitle is displayed but I lose the layout of the products as displayed on the shop page (with sort by popularity, list or grid, side column, etc … ) and the shortcode [product_category category = “nouveautes”] gives me a nasty display of products.
    How to display subtitles on “Nouveautés” page and keep the layout of the theme and the shop page?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    Did you try editing the title section by clicking on the Edit post/page > oceanwp settings metabox > Title tab?

    Dear Amit,
    Where is that section ?
    I don’t understand where is the metabox…

    If I set the page “Nouveautés” as no parents, how can I keep the theme layout ?

    Dear Amit,
    Now the page “nouveautés” with no parent is about to be ok. I just need to add the sort by popularity, list or grid, number of pages, etc… banner.
    How can I put that banner ?
    To view the page :
    Thanks in advance.

    I just checked your site and saw the Subtitle you have added. Sort by popularity, list or grid, number of pages, etc are the default feature of the woocommerce. It automatically adds on an archive page.
    For the banner, go to Dashboard > Theme Panel > My Library – create a template and copy the shortcode.
    Now edit the page > oceanwp settings (below the editor) > shortcode tab and paste the copied shortcode after the page header field.

    Dear Amit,
    Manay thanks. I’ll check that and will let you know.
    Best regards.


    Dear Amit.
    I tried every ways you told me but… It doesn’t work.
    I’ve crested a test page in my library and added the short code as you told me but it did nothing.
    Is there a way, using function.php to add a sentence as a subtitle under the title of my page “nouveautés” ?
    Now that page has boutique as parent again.

    But when the page has a parent, none of the oceanwp settings semms to work. I mean, I can not even just write a sentence in a bloc under the page title. It doesn’t display on the page.

    When the page has no parent, a shot code as [product_category category=”nouveautes”] need to be placed in a short code bloc just under the title. Placed in the short code section of oceanwp section et gives weird layout. And all the settings on woocommerce archives customizer are nulled. I had to set the number of colomns in the short code above.

    Well, I hope there is a way to solve the problem using function.php. I wonder if some people had same troubles.

    Many thanks Amit.

    Dear Amit,
    I hope I’ll get more help for my problem.
    Nice evening

    Can you please mention the issue again? I think I didn’t understand the issue clearly. Do you want a banner or template below the page header in the category ‘nouveautes’, right?
    Add the below code to the functions.php file of the child theme to do it. Replace the shortcode with your template shortcode –

    function prefix_add_template() {
        if ( is_product_category('nouveautes') ) {
            echo do_shortcode( '[oceanwp_library id="651"]' );

    Dear Amit,
    Thanks for your help.
    I just want to add a subtitle under the title of each pages as I did for “boutique” I’ve created “Nouveautés” page which has boutique as parent but I can not display a subtitle using oceanwp settings or a my shortcode [oceanwp_library id=”1606″]. It doesn’t work.

    Can I add a subtitle using function.php ? With a custon text placed under the title ?
    I wish you can just help me finding a way to add a subtitle right under the title of my page “Nouveautés”.
    That’s it.

    The subheading under the Title tab of oceanwp settings metabox should work
    See here –

    Dear Amit,
    Yes it should.
    But it does not work in my case.
    I did it for the boutique page. All is ok.
    But for nouveautés page, it doesn’t work.

    That’s very odd. Can you please tell me the steps to replicate it?

    Dear Amit,
    Sorry to go on with my problem.
    I disabled all my plugins and enabled them one by one.
    Now, the only thing which is missing is the “sort by”, list or… table from wocommerce.
    That’s crazy, these woocommerce options are not displayed automatically on other pages than boutique (shop).

    But ok, if I give up with using pages in the menu but use categories.
    How then, can I add categories description, just below the title and not above the images ?
    Please… hope you’ll have a solution.

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