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    I have a multisite install, let's say http://www.multisite.com. I have some subsites, with domain mapping. Let's say the subsite "subsite1" is mapped to http://www.subsite1.com

    I've noticed that, although I have domain mapping all the websites in the multisite network (subfolder install), the subsites appear in the google index for the main site.

    That is, if I type in google: site:www.multisite.com (the main site for the network), in the results I see something like this:

    http://www.multisite.com/subsite1/ the subsite mapped to http://www.subsite1.com

    How can I prevent this? I don't want the subsites appear as being pages from the main's website.

    Including "Disallow: /subsite1/" in robots.txt is a good idea?
    Will it prevent the mapped subsite to be indexed? Will it hurt their SEO?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: the subsites in the mapped domains are indexed ok. That is, the query site:www.subsite1.com returns all the pages in the subsite. This is not a problem.

  2. Hmm. Checking and yeah I see the same thing, even with a 301 redirect to force it.

    Strictly speaking, google's right and stupid.


    Looks like a really annoying conditional would need to be applied to tell it that for subdomains, but you SHOULD be able to do it as you described for subfolders. Bleah!

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