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  • Hello Team,

    Recently we are facing an issue after we updated server to php 7.1. The issue is arising when we are trying to add existing users as Site Owner(a custom role with all admin facilities excluding uploading and deleting theme, plugins) in sub-sites under parent network. Unfortunately, the ajax is giving error and the autocomplete function is failing to work. Can you please suggest some way out ?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    If you have an exiting user already properly added to a sub-site, you could use phpMyAdmin to copy the appropriate user meta to other users. This is a fairly advanced, hacky approach that must be very carefully done or else you could seriously bork your DB. Even if you are a total expert, you would then know that you should always make a backup before making any changes.

    The real solution is to correct whatever is causing Ajax and other scripts from working correctly. Then you can use the normal UI to do this with little risk of things going very wrong. Exactly what JS errors are you seeing in your browser console? What admin screen were you on and exactly what did you try to do? Give enough detail so that someone could try to replicate your error on another installation.

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