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[Resolved] Subscription: widget problem

  • olivier1244


    Hi there. I already have a ticket on Wysija helpdesk, no luck so far, that’s why I’m here. I’ve seen that some people have had the same issue, but I couldn’t find any solution to my problem.

    I remember it was working fine on my site. Not anymore.
    I checked but I couldn’t find any conflict with other widgets.

    The problem:

    When entering a new email for sucription I receive the following error messages:

    •errorThrown:No Transport

    I have tested on several browsers. Same thing. Could someone help asap, Wysija is really great and perfect for my needs, but with this issue….


    ps: I have updated and I am using the very last version.


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  • Plugin Author MailPoet


    Can you confirm that we answered your ticket on support.wysija.com?



    There could be many reason for ajax request errors of this type.
    I made a quick search on google and this is what came up : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5241088/jquery-call-to-webservice-returns-no-transport-error
    So this could be a problem of cross domain request, maybe you have two different address in your WordPress settings home url and site url. This sometimes happen when one has www and the other one is www-less.

    When using the widget to subscribe to the email, a user gets the following error message.

    errorThrown:Not Found

    I am using WordPress 3.4.2 and the Wysija 2.1.8 free newsletter. I have tried both SMP and gmail for sending method and the response is the same.

    The WordPress address (url) is different from the site address (url).

    Has the cross-browser problem been resolved?


    Plugin Author MailPoet


    @lafortuna Please get in touch on our support site to follow up: http://support.wysija.com/

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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