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  1. murrayac
    Posted 10 months ago #

    What are the different options / plugins for subscribers to create a new blog (subdomain) in WordPress Multisite

  2. That's too vague to be answered.

    What options are you looking for, specifically?

  3. murrayac
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Thanks Mika, yes after rereading it is vague.

    I would like to create a subscription based website like wordpress.com- which gives users access to their site, let's say 5, 20 and 200 pages subscriptions. If a user cancels their subscription their user access changes also.

    What plugin/s would achieve this with a WordPress Multisite install?

    Thanks again, Murray

  4. You want to control access by page/post limit? That isn't how WordPress in general works, and you'd need a very custom plugin for that. The way .com works is to lock you out of functionality like custom CSS or other themes unless you pay.

  5. Marc
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Hey Murrayac, check out ProSites by WPMU DEV, it looks like what you need.

    ProSites link: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/pro-sites/


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