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    We have been running Woocommerce on our WordPress site without any issues for about 6 months. Recently (since end February 2019) we are having a huge problem.

    We run an ecommerce site and most of our orders are subscription orders (with no expiry date). We do not have inventory management switched on. Our payment gateway is PayPal.

    All of a sudden, customer subscription orders are being cancelled without their authority. Worse, it seems that these orders have been completely deleted off the server so there is absolutely no record of thees orders anymore.

    There have been no plugins installed on the server recently or any activity other than customer visits. The only change is that we installed a second non-related, non-active website onto the server in January which drained resources and made our main live site go very slow. There were several successful subscription renewals after the second site was installed onto the server.

    We have checked that the subscription end dates are set to never expire.

    Customers keep writing to us complaining that their subscriptions have been cancelled and we want to tell them to set them up again, but are concerned that their orders will get cancelled again and we will lose their business.

    We have lost about half of our subscription orders in just 2 1/2 weeks which is 50% of our business just gone.

    Please can you advise what we can do to fix this?

    Thank you for your help.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I see something called ‘clean talk’ in your plugins list which says it ‘Stops spam subscriptions’ and it works with WooCommerce…

    I think I’d disable that thing for a while and I’d look through any logs that thing might have created looking for lines that might tell me about the users it acted on if it did do that.

    Hopefully, you can fix the problems there with whatever info it might give you.

    In the meantime I’d talk to the people at WooCommerce and the people who created that other plugin to try to track down what happened and if the anti-spam plugin caused it then maybe they’ll be some help with your bigger problem.

    It’s a shame that went on so long before you caught the problem.

    thank you so much for your quick reply.

    I have disabled this plugin but I don’t know where to see the logs.

    I did create the website but am not a technical person so am a bit out of my depth when things go wrong.

    I’m hoping the people at Clean Talk might be able to help you with this else maybe wooCommerce can point you to a ‘paper trail’ log or something.

    I’m not blaming the Clean Talk plugin itself… I just see that as a possible cause.

    Sometimes when you overtax a webserver you’ll get odd actions as the system fails to respond properly.

    Just keep this in mind… Horsepower is Cheap! Especially on a business site where goodwill is so very important.

    @sarahdiggins, @jnashhawkins,

    AntiSpam by CleanTalk doesn’t affect already posted orders, the plugin doesn’t have any functions to cancel/remove submited orders.

    Any way, please let us a 1-2 days to reproduce this issue, we will write you back if find anything wrong.

    Thank you for feedback.

    hi and thank you again.

    I deactivated Clean Talk yesterday and this morning we have had another cancelled subscription order so I don’t think that was the cause.

    If anyone else has any ideas I would be very grateful for support because I have no clue what to do to solve this problem.

    Thank you.

    @jnashhawkins I don’t really know what you mean by Horsepower is Cheap…

    Hello, @shagimuratov, I have no experience with CleanTalk so I thought that might be a good place to start. Evidently, that may not be the problem as the OP stated it happened again with CleanTalk out of the way.

    @sarahdiggins, ‘Horsepower is cheap’ is my reference to spending a little more money to upgrade an overtaxed server. Sometimes an overtaxed server starts losing things as it fails while doing housekeeping functions and updating logs and tables.

    Did the people at WooCommerce offer any help? Or did you talk with them yet?

    Normally I’d recommend switching out the theme and disabling all plugins via the HealthCheck plugin but that won’t work on an intermittent problem such as yours.

    I really think you should call WooCommerce support in on this one. There are so many variables involved here… their help might be invaluable.

    hi @jnashhawkins
    Thank you – you have been so helpful 🙂

    I have contacted Woocommerce and am waiting for them to get back to me.

    I couldn’t find a telephone line for their support desk – do you know if one exists please?

    best wishes, Sarah

    I probably should have said ‘call on’ instead of call… my bad there. I believe you need to go through their online support unless you have some special support agreement with them. I don’t know what WooCommerce offers.

    I did notice when I just ran Sucuri over your site that your WordPress version is out of date also. You are running 4.9.1 and should be at 4.9.9 or else the 5.X versions.

    I won’t recommend 5.X at this time as it brings the new Block Editor with it and you don’t need to deal with that as you try to come to grips with this other issue. I’d think 4.9.9 would be a good idea though.

    Is it at all possible you have an angry employee, family member or insider doing some kind of retribution from inside the system? That’s always possible.

    Have you asked your web host for help?

    If you try the update and wind up with a problem (like accidentally changing to the 5.X versions and the new Block Editor) you might want to either install the Classic Editor plugin with the 5.X or revert back to 4.9.9 or whatever is below that 5.X version.

    These are all things I’d consider. Your web host may be able to help you further with investigating some of this. You appear to be on a CPanel server also. Probably with CPanel available to you. Your web host might be able to help you look at logs from there and help you access those yourself.

    hi again

    Oh so much good info here!

    Firstly, it looks like the support is getting in touch finally.

    You are also right about the WordPress version – I was hesitant becuase some of our plugins have not been tested with this version and we have a LOT of plugins.

    We had wondered if someone had hacked our system. there are only 2 people who know the password and one is the MD and one is me. I did change the password today just in case. We’re a very small company – the MD, our Production Manager who makes the juices and me who does the marketing and sales (and unfortunately who has to wear the IT hat, which I do very badly).

    I will certainly contact our web hosting company too – that’s a good idea. I don’t really know what CPanel is.

    We’re thinking that if we cannot get a resolution from WordPress that we’d use xxxxxxx – do you know of them? They seem to have good reviews.

    Once again, thank you for being so kind and helpful, I’m really grateful.

    best wishes, Sarah

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    I removed your link to that “wp help site” as they use the messages here to solicit business.

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