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  • Are you able to see the subscription form listed in the list of subscription forms?

    Hi, I have this same issue right now and enter here to search for a possible solutions. …was about to add a new ticket but I guess I should use this same one. I have noticed that when pasting the form’s html code to my squeeze page, WP’s html editor distorses the design of the form (it separates all the elements and the form from the page’s content). When saving and testing the form like ‘as is’ the form work ok but the squeeze page design is all ‘crippled’. When at the visual HTML editor I remove, or try to because it just doesn’t let to remove all the space that separates all the form fields and the space form it self from page’s content… is when the form stops working and replies with this error. If you look at the html code it just looks ok. I even tried to add it inside tables, outside, etc.

    Viewing the form from the button @ the form’s configuration, the form design present just greate (very compact and in place) and works just fine. Yesterday @ github I askd if there’s a shortcode to add the form to a squeeze page mainly because of the design issue… but all day today I’ve been struggling with the issue that besides the design and/or display the form stop’s working also if trying it to edited in the visual html editor.


    Just to let you know a ‘way around’ I just made. It might work as well here.

    I coppied the form’s html code into an html file inside a folder different than the WP installation (inside the same domain) and added an iFrame in my squeeze page ‘bringing up’ the html file.

    Everything seems to work just fine, well it just does not applies the WP Format to text but the form is compact and in place, so I guess I can live with that. Also I needed to add a second html file as a thankyou page to insert it in the iFrame after the info is sent… with a link to the page they should go after. The link should open in other window though.

    Well, hope this help!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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