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  • mota.alex


    Hello all!

    I’m developing a wordpress website and I need a very specific situation… My site visitor will be able to buy stuff from my site, and for that I’m considering using Woocommerce. What I also want is to have some kind of membership system, and there are some plugins for this also. My problem is to combine both… I need to have different prices for paid members and for free members. As anyone ever tried a situation like this? Do you know of any plugins I can use, without doing to much code, to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Robin W


    I use a simpler system, I use woocommerce, and the just use the coupon part for members to get a % discount, with a members page that contains the coupon code – and is hidden from non-members using the “restrict content” plugin.

    So Jo public just get the commercial prices, and members find a coupon code on a members page only they can see, and use at the checkout.

    As the terms and conditions state that discounts are only available for members, and we check each members order to validate they are members, if a non-member should get hold of a coupon and use it, we’d simply ask them to re-order, although this has never happened yet !

    There is a paid plugin – haven’t looked at it in detail !

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