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    In the latest version (1.3) I’ve had users complain that clicking the subscribe button does nothing. What I’ve noticed is that the confirmation notice appears above the fields rather than below then which leads users to clicking several times, then contacting me to ask why they can’t subscribe.

    Is there any option to either hide the fields after the button is clicked, or to at least move the confirmation messaging to the bottom so it’s immediately noticeable?

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  • Hey Troy,

    Thanks for posting. I’m afraid that choosing the placement of the success/error message is not currently an option included with the plugin. Nor is the option to hide the form fields after the subscribe button is pressed. These are both great suggestions and I’d be happy to pass along these feature requests to our developers for future consideration.

    As far as managing this current expectation with users, one suggestion would be add content to the subheader of your plugin’s signup form (through the plugin’s settings) providing instructions to the user that they’ll want to look out for that success message or confirmation email, so that they read that even before clicking the subscribe button.

    Alternatively, you may consider using the MailChimp embed code rather than the MailChimp plugin to add a form to your site. The embed code provides the option to redirect your subscribers to a different URL after clicking to subscribe (use the ‘disable javascript’ option). Sometimes the embed code can conflict with some WordPress themes though, so make sure to test thoroughly if you do go this route. here’s an article walking through how to set that up: How can I add my signup form to my website?:

    Troy, I contacted support about this same problem yesterday and this was the final response:

    To clarify a bit, the signup form that is on your website won’t refresh once a user has hit the subscribe button, so the email address and name information will display until the page is reloaded or it is cleared manually. That being said, the form is working but it appears that there may be some conflicts caused by the code of the site that is not allowing the signup confirmation page to appear as it should.
    We offer the signup form code as a kind of ‘as-is’ option for our users. Once we release the code, it’s difficult for us to influence how that is going to work in all environments (we do test it thoroughly, however, to verify function across as many major browsers/environments as possible). The code and it’s styles may need to be tweaked a bit to fit with the existing site and code. We can work to correct any endemic or ongoing issues with the form itself , but we are unable to account for every site’s proprietary needs. That being said, once the signup form code is placed within your site’s environment, there are several variables that come into play that can effect the form’s look and function that may need to be investigated a bit further. Your web designer or developer would be the best contact for that kind of help.

    It’s definitely a problem for those of us that don’t code and can’t afford to hire someone to fix the problem. It’s so out of normal expectations that I am surprised that the code was left to work this way.

    I deleted the code and have just installed the plugin and hope that it does not function the same way.

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