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  • (I’ve attempted to get an answer to this issue through your support site, but no one is answering; so maybe this is a better venue….)

    When someone subscribes to our newsletter, receives the confirmation email and clicks the link therein, the h1 of that page they are taken to states they are already registered. That’s confusing and inaccurate.

    I’ve spent hours trying to sort through your docs for an explanation and unfornately it is greatly lacking.

    On this page,, you state:

    This page isn’t visible in your Admin and it cannot be redesigned there. Why? There is a technical reason, and the geeky crowd will understand: creating an option panel for a single custom post type would be an overkill for most of our users. We try hard to keep things simple.

    Simplicity is ‘nice’, but not when it is put in front of functionality.

    On this page,, you state that ‘Redirect ungly URLs’ in Yoast must be turned off. That upsets tons of other issues; and Yoast is on literally millions of WP sites.

    It’s been over six months since your postings regarding this issue. Have you not come up with fixes for this yet?

    We are considering your Pro version, but if this issue cannot be solved, it makes no sense to us to pay $100 and then have to code it ourselves.

    Your reply is eagerly awaited.

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  • On your page,,

    You state:

    There is a parameter allowing us to determine which page is being called. The snippet below should be placed in the file single-wysijap.php.

    if($_REQUEST[‘action’] == ‘subscribe’){ //subscribe page
    // Design for subscribe goes here
    } elseif($_REQUEST[‘action’] == ‘unsubscribe’){ // unsubscribe page
    // Design for unsubscribe goes here
    } elseif ($_REQUEST[‘action’] == ‘subscriptions’){ // edit profile
    // Design for edit profile goes here

    Question: Where in that file should the snippet be placed? In the loop? Before the loop? After the loop?

    You have to understand, you are intimately involved with the code of your plugin. Those of us attempting to understand it and use it for the first time, do not have the benefit of your presumptions and insights. So when you write your ‘fixes’ in your support site, it serves no purpose to write answers that assume the new users can read your mind. So please, take a few moments and write out answers which are understandable to those of us who do not participate in the writing of your plugin.

    Thank you.

    Where can we find the content of the shortcode: [wysija_page] ?

    Hello there,
    Thank you for the feedback.

    Regarding the sample code, you will see this guide:
    “The snippet below should be placed in the file single-wysijap.php”.
    And in that article, we already guided you how to create the file “single-wysijap.php”.

    To answer the question “Where can we find the content of the shortcode: [wysija_page] ?”:
    You don’t need to do that! What you need to do, is following the guide and create the file single-wysijap.php.
    Anyway, you should familiar to PHP, HMTML.

    Hope this helps!

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