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  • I was testing this plugin with my gmail. I subscribed and it was fine, but then I unsubscribed..

    It still shows my email under the ‘Mail to Subscriber’ list
    However, it doesn’t show it under the ‘ALL’ button
    Simarily, it shows uncomfirmed subscribers in the ‘Mail to Subscriber’ list, but doesn’t show them under ‘ALL’

    More importantly, I cannot resubmit my email address to subscribe. It says ’email already exist’

    In addition, when sending an email to a subscriber with the unsubscribe link, gmail filters it into spam. Without the unsubscribe link, it goes to my inbox just fine.

    Please fix this because this seems to be one of the better email plugins other than these bugs.

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  • Update:

    Disregard the ‘being filtered as spam’ part. Gmail seems to be filtering all my emails that have links in them as spam, so I don’t believe that’s an issue with this plugin.

    However, the unsubscribe issue is still a problem. Once unsubscribed, I cannot resubscribe.

    Plugin Contributor gopiplus


    I think need more information to solver your issue. i have tested the plugin in many server and found no issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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