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  • Hi WP forum wizards,

    I am helping someone transition their site to a more modern format, and up to now I thought a custom CMS system, or perhaps Drupal, whould be necessary. Someone recently told me that they thought WP would be capable of what they need done but I’m not sure. If anyone can help me either figure out the method for building the site in WP or point me to the appropriate CMS it would be much appreciated!

    the site functions are as follows:\

    A subscription based site where profile pages for art galleries are hosted under one domain. galleries pay monthly in a tiered system. Accounts are based on item photos viewable, the first level can show 3 pics, second level can show 6, 3rd level 9, etc.. gallerist can control basics of their page from a dashboard. a full library of photos can be uploaded so that the gallerist can decide at any time which set (3,6,9 etc) is viewable on their page.

    Gallerist can also change billing from within dashboard, ex. can at any time change their subscription from 3 item gallery to 9 item gallery, and monthly billing will update accordingly (admin participation in this process is OK, not a huge number of accounts)

    Each gallery subpage ( has the capability to have its own design/theme/page template so that the gallerist can have the in-house web designer match their page design to fit their brand.

    there will also be other features like an event calendar, forum, wiki etc but these I know WP can do. My question is, what tool could be used to sell subscriptions to a sub-page and be able to limit the number of images in a gallery based on the subscription level?

    oh, and there will also need to be gallery user accounts (paid) as well as subscriber or collector user accounts (free) the collector accounts will be able to set up tag and category based item/exhibition/article feeds and alerts.

    so perhaps you can see the oddities in this setup, insted of restricting access of images to the to the end user, we are restricting display of images from the content provider on a sliding scale.

    any tips, suggestions or even referrals of developers that have built similar arrangements are most appreciated, cheers!

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