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  1. tomanton01
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am new to WP and I am not a coder. I've posted before with not much luck.

    I have built a nonprofit/not for pay website that consolidates information about cancer - I am a survivor who wants to share my good luck with anyone interested in researching, discussing, asking questions, etc about cancer. My website is: http://www.cancerinformationcenter.co.

    Here's what I want to do: subscribe to podcasts from such organizations as cancer.net, iTunes, etc.

    I have a page on my website called podcasts. I currently have 190 podcasts in my iTunes library that I have subscribed to from various organizations. These are updated periodically.

    Without having to link each one of these separately to my podcast page, how do I get the links on the podcast page. I tried RSS Aggregator with no luck.

    I want to be able to support this worthy cause but I am at a loss. If anybody out there can help me I would deeply appreciate it.

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