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  1. Kmor74
    Posted 11 months ago #

    I am using the Jetpack plugin for subscribers to receive e-mail updates of new posts etc. On my homepage It seems as though I have only 3 subscribers, however , when I look at ALL USERS in the Dashboard I have a list of 14 subscribers. Why would these not show on the homepage and should I assume that they are not receiving e-mail updates?

  2. Jetpack shows the subscribers who have subscribed through Jetpack. The people you see in the Users section of your blog Dashboard listed as "Subscriber" are just registered through your blog, and you can disable that registration at Settings -> General in your blog's Dashboard.

    The WordPress registration system doesn't do anything on its own for the Subscriber role, you need a plugin to take advantage of it. Jetpack doesn't use the Subscriber role, it has its own subscription registration system.


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