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  • I have setup the leaky paywall plugin and for the most part it appears to be working – that is, it restricts non-subscribers from accessing more than x articles unless they subscribe.

    I do have a couple of issues though.

    Firstly, I have added some subscribers in manually but they don’t receive any notification and they are added to the user group with a role of ‘None’. I receive a basic notification that user has been added (which user, no idea). If they want to access articles they can only login by going to the login screen and selecting “Forgot password” which then lets them reset the password. This is not ideal. Otherwise I can go to the user page and generate a password for them and send it on. Again, not ideal.

    Secondly, with the Paypal IPN set to the website where the paywall is installed, any paypal transaction now adds that user to my subscription site, even though the transaction was for a product or service purchased on another site. This has been a disaster for me today, although if the email notifications aren’t working then perhaps I am the only one who noticed!

    Have you seen this before? Is there a step in the setup I have neglected?

    Many thanks

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    Hello again

    After looking at the list of support messages on this forum, it’s disappointing that responses to issues regarding this plugin appear to be very selective and sporadic. It’s been over four months since I posted the above and have not heard a whimper in response.

    Not really good form when you are selling premium add ons to the plugin as it doesn’t inspire confidence that issues with the paid add ons will get the attention needed if there are issues.


    Plugin Author ZEEN101


    Hi Estelle

    Sorry about the lack of updates here… this forum is intended for user to user support. If you need official support please use our address.

    As far as emails not being sent, that is typically a hosting issue… check with your provider.


    Thread Starter estellew


    Thanks Support – I will copy the above issues to your support email address.

    BTW, I found this forum via the free plugin so it’s natural to assume there is support provided here. It might be good to put a notice on to that effect as others appear to be of the same misunderstanding.

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