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  • Emails are not getting sent/Subscribers not receiving emails…

    Tried all recommended Fixes.. Nothing works

    also tried WP Mail SMTP, still no delivery of Post Notification

    I do get: Test Emails when testing from Settings > Sending Emails…

    whats the problem? Lost for a fix

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  • Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    Please check whether campaigns are set in Email Subscribers > Reports section.

    If it’s set over there, please try sending manually and check whether you are receiving an email. If you will receive, then we need to take a look why it’s not sending automatically.



    Post Notification is working for Product.
    Post Notification is NOT working for Category.

    Post Notification Settings
    > Select custom post type(s) > product. (check).
    > Select Post Category > my category. (check).

    In Reports, (1) Post Notification Completed. This was New Product in store. i got this email, works…

    When adding New Post, do not receive any notifications by Email nor in Reports.
    posting fine, just no email notifications to subscribers…

    don’t see were to send manually in new version, you would need to show me.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    I suspect category of a post is not selected while publishing a post. Can you please check whether category is set while publishing a post or not.



    two ways… Dashboard and Front-end

    (1) from Dashboard > Add New Post > Categories > check proper Category > Publish.
    Post post to the proper category and can view on website AND after about 15 mins, I Receive post notification to my Email subscribers and in Reports.. works but slow delivery.

    (2) from Front-end. I using “User Submitted Posts” plugin for front-end posting.
    form is posting the Post and in the proper category and can view on website. NO notifications to subscribers. No Reports.

    FYI.. I have used/still using “User Submitted Posts” along with “Email Subscribers & Newsletters” with no problems and quick delivery of notifications in a couple of mins.

    can not use the Dashboard for users to post, must be frontend posting.



    works with BuddyForms Post Submissions, still long delay before sending from Reports. just not planning to use BuddyForms on this project, just testing other plugins.

    Hi @byermedia,

    I’m the developer of BuddyForms. Do you have any issues using BuddyForms?

    Please let me know. I like to help.


    Hi Sven, no real problems with BuddyForms, however when Subscribers receive the notifications all images are full size and too big to view.

    Yes, in Email Subscribers > Settings > Image Size. have tried Images size set to both Medium and Thumbnail with no effect.

    OK, All Form plugins i have tested (BuddyForms and User Submitted Posts) work just fine for website, they are posting in correct category with featured image and all images in post, post looks just fine.

    Receiving All Post Notification to email subscribers. Problem with the Email content.

    Image Size does not work or has no Image at all using above front-end forms

    In Settings > Image Size. no matter what the settings are, Medium or Thumbnail, All Images are Full size.


    In Templates. using below, Notifications have NO image. (website post has featured image)



    If using below, Notifications have FULL size images. even when having set to Medium or Thumbnail.



    OK, Using WP Dashboard, creating New Post, All Email Notifications are correct.

    Conclusion, using front end submission plugins with Email Subscribers plugin, Images DO NOT WORK. using WordPress Dashboard, Email Subscribers Notifications WORKS CORRECTLY.

    anyone know a fix.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    Hi @byermedia

    Thanks for your details explanation.

    We will check with BuddyForms and if require will connect with @svenl77 to fix above mentioned issue.


    I just tried WP Dashboard, creating New Post, The Subscribers email receives FULL SIZE Images. If a images is 2000 or 3000 pixels in width, the image is unviewable because of its large size.

    In Email Subscribers Settings, Image Size, setting to Medium or thumbnail does not work, The Plugin is Not downsizing the image.

    This is very important, No one want to receive emails like this, I know I don’t. Without a fix, the plugin becomes useless.

    Note. Subscribers emails are the same in different email clients. Outlook, Gmail, POP, etc..

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    We have tested and confirm that image resizing works as expected.

    Please save the settings and check once again and let us know how it goes.

    If the issue still persists, please contact us. We will take a look into your setup and check what’s going wrong.

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