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    My subscribers are gone. I don’t know what has happened, but I sent a new post out and no one received it, I checked and my subscribers are gone. The only thing I have done to the site recently was added jetpack, but I didn’t activate the subscription service for that. Please help, is there anyway to get my subscribers emails back?

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  • @tjkpturner,

    The only way to restore would be from a backup, either one that you hold if you regularly backup or one from your hosting providers automatic backups.

    Thank you, so I used dreamhost, does that mean I log into there and look for back ups? I have exported my content recently from WordPress, would my subscribers be in there?


    It depends on how you exported your content but the data may well be in there. If you are not sure it may be better to log a ticket with Dreamhost and ask them to restore your database though.

    I logged a ticket with dreamhost, I see where you can restore mysql, but it only shows going back 5 days. The last time I know I had the subscribers was about 8 days ago so I didn’t want to risk trying it myself. I’m assumming the database back up would have the emails. Hoping this works.

    Any idea why I would have lost them in the first place?


    The Public Subscriber emails are stored in a table called ‘subscribe2’, if you are using the defauly table prefix then that will be wp_subscribe2. Registered user data is in the wp_users and wp_usermeta tables.

    I can only think that you might have uninstalled the plugin when updating maybe, I can’t imagine another way of erasing all of the plugin data without losing something else too.

    I lost my subscribers when I moved hosts. Obvioulsy didn’t do it right and failed to export my list for re-import. However, I did back up my site manually, and with akeeba (through joomla). Where are these tables actaully situated? wp_subscribe2 etc?

    Need to get these guys back if possible.


    Public Subscribers are in wp_subscribe2 (provided the database prefix is still wp_) and Registered users data is in the wp_usermeta table but will relate to data held in wp_users also.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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