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    I’m helping out a non-profit on their site. When you try to sign up an email with this plugin, neither the admin nor the subscriber gets an email.

    Some quick background in case it might illuminate an issue. I had to move the site from one hosting account to another and used Duplicator plugin after first upgrading WP to 4.9.5 and upgrading all 4 plugins as well to their latest versions (Duplicator, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, Akismet Anti-Spam and Email Subscribers). After moving the site, at first site only had white screen which turned out to be due to running on PHP 7.0 which was barfing on some deprecated and now removed code in the theme. Moved down to PHP 5.4 and site shows all pages as well as can login to WP admin.

    I’ve turned on PHP log_errors and error_log, and then tested by adding:
    error_log("Hi from wp-config.php!", 0);
    to wp-config.php. Don’t get anything in the error_log except for the Hi message.

    I’ve tried subscribing different email addresses. I’ve tried setting different From addresses. I’ve tried all 4 different Email types on the pop-up.

    The subscriber list has some subscribers from march and february of 2018 so i know it was working before the move, though i didn’t test it.

    I’ve read the top two posts on this support forum and read what they said but found no solutions.

    I have NOT uninstalled and reinstalled Email Subscribers plugin. Did not see that mentioned as something to do.

    Any thoughts are most welcome.


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  • @danielmelnechuk

    Firstly make sure you are using Email Subscribers version 3.3+ (following steps won’t work if you are not on mentioned version)
    Open your database (if you are not aware, contact your Host Provider / System Administrator)
    Now go to <prefix>wp_options table
    Search for the three rows having option_name as
    (i) ig_es_optinlink
    (ii) ig_es_unsublink
    (iii) ig_es_cronurl
    Replace your old domain name with the new domain name (in the option value of all three options) and click on save.

    You may also try using an SMTP plugin. WP repository has many SMTP plugins that are freely available. I advise you to use WP Mail SMTP.

    Do let me know if it works for you.


    Thanks for the help. But the domain name didn’t change, just changed to a new hosting account. The domain was correct in those wp_options you mentioned.

    The real issue is that the subscriber isn’t even getting into the list of subscribers as was reported in another support thread for this plugin that i didn’t see until after i posted mine. See:


    Plugin Author Icegram


    @danielmelnechuk ,

    Please share your website link where you have placed subscribe form of Email Subscribers.
    What error you are getting when someone tries to subscribe via form?

    It could also happen that some other plugin or theme is conflicting with Email Subscribers plugin. So to find out temporarily de-activate all other plugins except Email Subscribers and switch your current theme to default WordPress theme (2017).
    Then try subscribing via subscribe and check if it is added in subscribers list.

    If it works, keep activating other plugins one-by-one and then your theme to find conflicting plugin/theme.

    Let us know your views after testing.

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