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    Since the upgrade to 2.8.2, subscribers have not been able to edit their profile. They can access the area to edit, but when the click to submit, it reverts to what was previously there. I also tried manually doing it as the Administrator, but it does the same thing.

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    If you create a new subscriber account, does the same problem happen? Are you sure the problem is only happening for subscribers? If you upgrade an existing subscriber account to another role, does the same problem happen? If not, does the problem come back if you downgrade back to subscriber?

    The one that notified me of the problem was a new subscriber…He made had a typo in his profile that he was trying to fix. As an Administrator, I can’t edit the profiles either. It says it changed, but it really doesn’t.

    I deactivated Register Plus to see if that was the problem, but it wasn’t.

    Problem still exists, even with the upgrade to 2.8.3!

    Why is WordPress support so crappy?

    2.8.4 did not fix this problem!

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