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  • Hi, i have a wordpress site where i want to activate subscriber users registration. Registration is possible, but when the user is already registered he can’t access his profile. You can see what i say logging with next info:

    user: [deleted]
    password: [deleted]

    Message is in spanish but it says somthing like “You don’t have enough privileges to access this page”

    I have tried to deactivate plugins and see what happens and to swap the theme, but it wasn’t a problem involving themes or plugins… i have read also this, but it’s too old and i don’t want to give it a try, smells dangerous…


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  • Any help with this please?

    Hi, Lucas. For what it’s worth, if you use the tag ‘dreamhost’ I get an email alert. 😉

    When did this problem start happening? Did it EVER work?

    Did you ever play with any membership plugins?

    Ok, i didn’t know that tag thing… 🙂 I installed the blog in 2008 and since then i had never activated the user registration, so i don’t know if it has never worked… and, i’m not sure if i have played with membership plugins… maybe i’ve done it but i don’t remember when or what plugin i used… I’m not helping much, no? sorry…

    It’s hard to debug things when we don’t have a history of what may have changed 🙂 But there are still things to try!

    First, see if changing them from Subscribers to Authors makes any difference. If it’s just Subscribers that’s something.

    When you tested, you said you tried deactivating plugins and changing the theme, but did you do both at once?

    I noticed your database has two sets of WP tables in it, but only one _users and _usermeta tables. Did you at one point have two WordPress installs using the same user tables?

    Yeah, i know… I have change to authors and it doesn’t happen with authors we have something, nop? 🙂

    And i have deactivated plugins and swap the theme at the same time and nothing happened… same error.

    And the third thing… i’m not sure. I have played with this installation trying hacks, tricks, plugins… maybe i installed another wordpress through the same database but i can’t tell for sure. I installed cache plugins once (wp super cache) , and then deactivate them… i had a plugin called edit-area.. that was in 2010. I have seen it on a backup i have. But that is all…

    As you see i’m quite weak on database and wordpress advance knowledge… trying to learn…

    That it works with Author and not subscribers is really weird!

    Depending on how much you want to dive into the DB, there are a couple different ways about this. If you don’t actually care as much about how to fix it and just want it corrected, I would actually install a new version of WP in it’s own folder.

    So or whatever would be a clean site. Then I’d export all my content from and import it to my new site, add users and, if that works, use the giving WP it’s own directory trick.

    Sometimes it’s just easier to start with a clean DB than the one you’ve been playing with for a gazillion years 😉

    So, if i understand you are telling me to swap the folder from root to another folder ( and copy everything using the giving WP trick? no?
    Or you mean that i’ll have the site on the root and the admin panel on

    I’m not sure if i understand… it looks too dangerous for me 🙂 , what if i mess everything? But it is solution i can talk with somebody more expert about. Thanks.

    Not swap.

    It would be a brand new install in /new/.

    You don’t have to copy anything back over once /new/ is made, you would just change the URLs in /new/ and edit your index.php and .htacces

    It’s really not very dangerous since it’s totally separate from your current site and never overrides it until the end, and even then, only with two files.

    So, every URL of my site would change from to , no?

    And everything like tags and categories would still have same id’s? And images that i had uploaded to the old site would be at the first directory install, no?

    No, no.

    Everything will remain the same in the end.

    You have to test first, though, to see if it’s the install of WP or your server. So let’s not put the cart ahead of the horse 🙂 Step one is just to install a new version of WP in a separate folder.

    Ok, step by step… i have already installed a new wp on

    So now, i have to change the site address (URL) of this installation to

    And then copy (NOT MOVE!) the index.php and .htaccess files from the WordPress (wp in our example) directory into the root directory of the site.. but i don’t see any .htaccess file there…

    Is that right?


    .htaccess is a hidden file. You have to tell your FTP app to show them 🙂

    The rest is right, BUT! ONLY do this if you can add subscribers to

    Does that work?

    Yeah, i know… I see .htaccess in the root but not in /wp folder. Should i activate personalized permalinks?

    And yes, i can add subscribers and they can see their profile 🙂

    Should i activate personalized permalinks?

    Yes 🙂 Make them match what you have in (just with the extra /wp/ for now).

    And yes, i can add subscribers and they can see their profile 🙂

    Yay! That means it is just something odd in that old DB. Don’t worry about that too much. I think everyone ends up doing a clean re-install at some point in their lives just to clean things up.

    Ok, I’ve done it. You can see it here.

    Now i have to Copy (NOT MOVE!) the index.php and .htaccess files from the (wp) directory into the root directory of my site, it means i will overwrite root index.php and .htacccess, no?

    The site will not work during this step, no?

    And what about the information from the plugins? Should i make a backup of something?

    One more question, you say post url’s will stay as they are now, but what about admin panel? Will it be at or at

    I don’t get what we are doing yet 🙂 thanks a lot for your patience

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