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  • Hi. I am using Events Manager and need the logged in ‘subscriber’ to be able to ‘Set Featured Image’. Currently, there is no option for them to Add Media or Set Featured Image.

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    In the User Capabilities settings, I have Upload Event Image ticked. An anonymous user can upload an image on the front-end form. But when a subscriber user logs into the back-end, this is where the issue is. There is no option to upload their image.

    Thank you.

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    It’s not feasible to get back end screens to honor custom capabilities. The back end is built to require certain capabilities and that’s all there is to it. In order to deviate from this behavior, you need to do it from the front end. This is how subscribers can upload on the front end but not the back.

    Something on the front end needs to be modified to include featured image operations. Custom script would then process related requests, verifying the user has the proper custom capability before doing anything. I’m assuming these featured images are still related to events. In that case I suggest you contact the Events Manager developers for guidance on how to add featured image operations to their front end UI.

    If events are saved as custom post types, the action to hook where script would update the featured image as requested would be the same as for any other post. There are a number of possible hooks. “save_post” is a very common one.

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