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  • I have subscribe2 installed on a 3.1 wpmu for about a year. For most sites it works great, but on a couple it does not work.

    If I, the multi-site network admin, make a post on one of the trouble site the post goes out fine. If I login as the site admin and make a post it does not. So I next deleted the site admin account and recreated their user account, subscribe2 worked again making a post without using quickpress. The site admin then created a post using quickpress, subscribe2 does nor email the post nor will it email any posts done through normal, non-quickpress posting. At this point, subscribe2 sends emails if network admin creates posts, but not site-admin’s posts, their account needs to be deleted/recreated to work again.

    Any ideas? I looked for any other subscribe2/quickpress issues but found none.


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  • @nick,

    Which email address is configured to be the sending email address for you install? Is it the same for the entire install or different for each MU sub-site?

    If the latter, this may be because your individual site admins are using off-site domains. For example, in their profile they have a yahoo or hotmail email address rather than one at the same domain as your site.

    Perhaps when you delete and recreate the account you put in an on-domain email address that these admins then change.

    @mattyrob, Thanks for the response.

    In the subscribe2 settings for each user/site, the “Send Email From:” option is set to “post-author”. For most cases this is an on-domain email address from their user profile. The new accounts I create have actually been off-domain, but they work when I test them initially. Also, my network admin account is off-domain, and the posts always get sent when I create them.


    Try changing that setting and see if that helps. I suspect that when you test the emails are either coming from your own address or are such small volume it’s going through.

    Then when the usual admin takes over, either the change of email address or increase in the number of emails falls over on a server emailing restriction.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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