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[Resolved] subscribe2 token page

  • I do not undertsand these instructions for after I created a new page:
    “When creating the page, you may click the “S2″ button on the QuickBar to automatically insert the subscribe2 token. Or, if you prefer, you may manually insert the subscribe2 token: Ensure the token is on a line by itself and that it has a blank line above and below. This token will automatically be replaced by the subscription form, and will display all messages as necessary.”

    I cannot find he “S2” button and do not know what the token is. Can somebody help?

    Thank you.

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  • <!–subscribe2–>

    Ensure the token is on a line by itself and that it has a blank line above and below.


    That’s it; thank you!

    I need someone that can install it for me and configure the page, can anyone help?

    We offer payed professional services (I remark: not free services) like wordpress and plugins installation and customisation-
    If you are interested you can contact us by mail (www.wordpressmania.it/contattaci/)


    I’m running WP 2.3.3, and everything seems to work on the backend/admin and it works when registering as a new subscriber, but on the token page the subscription form displays; however, absolutely nothing appears to happen when the form is submitted. The page reloads and the form appears again with no response message, no email sent out and apparently nothing changes with the user’s data.

    I have followed the above, but I still can’t find QuickBar or the S2 token. What is the QuickBar? There doesn’t seem to be a reference to it elsewhere, except in this forum.

    I also installed Subscribe2 and everything seems to work except I do not see the S2 Button on the Quickbar.

    Hi there, make sure you are in visual editor mode, just under where you see the options for visual or html theres a yellow button with S2 on it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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