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  • @kurtatwork,

    The fix you need is ready for the next version but if you want that code now update to the development code. Access that here:

    Thanks. I’ve installed it and the problem as described is fixed! Now, hopefully the next new post will generate the email to our list as expected.

    I was having the same problem. I updated to version 8.8. Still having issues. Not sure what to do next. Shows the # of users but doesn’t display the list. Thanks.


    It might be a server or browser caching issue if the problem is persisting despite using the fixed code. Try forcing your browser to reload (usually should shift while reloading the page but google for your preferred browser) and clear out any WordPress caching plugins you are using.

    Thanks for your quick reply. I tried both actions – reload browser, manually cleared cache and even disabled then re-enabled my cache plugin. Still no subscriber list. Also viewed admin on another browser that I didn’t view earlier, and it was the same thing.


    You may need to re-apply the upgrade to 8.8 then. Install it via FTP after downloading from here:

    Did that, no go 🙁


    Any chance of a screen shot of the page as it seems like it might be a different problem.

    Other things I noticed: I have had no new subscribers since about 2/8. On 2/8 I updated a number of plug-ins. Also around that time my Google Analytics stats suddenly started reporting almost double page views than before. One of the plug-ins was Google Analytics for WordPress. Other than that everything is working normally. Subscribe function is working in that e-mails are being sent to current subs, and I was able to unsubscribe a test account yesterday.

    Yesterday what I was originally trying to do was add a new subscriber manually from “Add/Remove Subscribers”. Right before I did so, I DID see my lit of subscribers; my add didn’t work and it was after that when the list sort of disappeared, even though it still shows the number of subscribers and I can export CSV with the info.


    You seem to be using a non current version of WordPress. That’s part of the cause of this issue. Fix is covered here and will be in the next version.

    Thanks so much! I updated the class-s2-list-table.php file, and I can now see my list of subscribers and I was able to manually add a new subscriber. Thank you for your quick responses and support – much appreciated.


    That’s great. Glad we got there in the end.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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