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  • @yatong,

    Send a message from where? When you publish a post or from hte Subscribe2->Send Mail screen?

    Also, while you are checking, in your wp-config.php file have you correctly added the ‘Salts‘?

    Yes, I am having the same problem. I am sending from the send mail screen i have chosen my subscriber list in the drop down, added my message and click send. Then this are you sure message comes up. I cannot go forward from there.


    Okay, same question to you then, have you applied the WordPress ‘Salts‘ to your wp-config.php file?

    Also, can you access the other pages okay? What happens on those when you use the forms (like filtering in the Subscribe2->Subscribers page or updating Settings?

    Have you checked for plugin conflicts (by temporarily deactivating other plugins and re-testing)?

    I have not added any other plugins after updating from 8.2 to 8.3. Even so i may have to check this if I cannot fix. About the config file. I found it on my server and took a look inside. I am not too comp. literate so I just counted how many keys were there. I counted 8. That is the number that I saw in the link you pasted above. Also the keys names were all the same too. All the other pages and forms seem to be working ok. Another bit of info, I have about 35 WP blogs and the blogs I have tried so far that have updated to 8.3 have not worked, this may indicate that the issue is not a plugin compatibility problem.


    I’m hoping that each of those Salt keys had a value of something other than “put your unique phrase here”.

    Weirdly, it works fine for my on my sites (testing and 2 lives sites) so I can’t see how it’s an issue in the plugin code directly, if it was then it wouldn’t work for me.

    Do the other pages work okay? If so I know I’m only looking at one page, if not I know it’s a more general issue.

    Also, please let me know how you get on with the plugin compatibility checking.

    @cholland / @yatong,

    Got it! There’s a small error in the send_mail.php file in the admin subfolder. Very near to the top you’ll see this line:
    check_admin_referer('subscribe2-write_subscribers', $s2nonce);

    It needs changing to:
    check_admin_referer('subscribe2-write_subscribers' . $s2nonce);

    Notice the ‘,’ in the brackets is replaced with a ‘.’

    great thank you so much. I will try this. Can you tell me where I access this file? ok I found the file on installed plugins then subscribe2 then edit. I edited it as instructed and clicked update. I tried and it still didn’t work. Do I need to do anything else such as log out and log back in or change a file on my server as well?

    ok I tried but it is still a no go.

    Maybe the designer of that plugin should update the entire plugin so that users will re-install it.

    Thanks a lot for detecting the error.

    Cholland is right. I did the update but still not working.


    I’ll certainly roll this out in an update at some point but I’ve got a few other priorities first.

    MattyRob, I did make the connection that you were a developer of this plugin and I understand priorities. Do you have an ETA on when you have a few minutes to test that send mail function? Are you getting the error?


    There was no error for me as the comma ‘,’ error slipped into the development code but was not on my own sites.

    I’ve found a second glitch of the same type at line 56. Replace:
    wp_nonce_field('subscribe2-write_subscribers', $s2nonce);
    wp_nonce_field('subscribe2-write_subscribers' . $s2nonce);

    Reverting these two commas to periods / fullstops ‘.’ would make your send_mail.php file identical to mine and mine works fine.


    Resolved, you the man!

    Thanks, mine is good too.

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