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  • Today, the Subscribe2 plugin generated five duplicate daily digest e mail notices to my subscribers. Yesterday, it generated two. I’ve been using the daily digest feature for about 2 wks. w/o seeing this behavior. It’s very annoying for my subscribers. Would anyone have any idea why it’s happening & how to fix it?

    I know Skippy says the blog owner may get duplicate notices in plain text & html versions. But this bug is different because my subscribers are getting muliples, not just me.

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  • I’m still getting periodic multiple notices sent to my subscribers. I’ve even lost a few because they’re annoyed by the duplication. Anyone else having similar problems or know why this might be happening & whether there’s anything that can be fixed? Could there be anything in my settings that might cause this?

    If not, may I urge some other intrepid plugin author to try their hand at a new post notification plugin that avoids some of this bugginess.

    I have the same trouble, but with just new postings (I get two or three of the updates). It’s explained why it happens in the Read Me doc, but not how to fix/stop it.

    When you post a new item, subscribe2 will generate (at least) one email for each of the following combinations of subscribers:
    * plaintext excerpt
    * plaintext full post
    * HTML full post
    So for each new post you make, you may receive up to three emails.

    I’m going to give WordPress Email Notification Plugin a shot now. I’ll see how it goes.

    Update: 1/2 hour into it: so far so good (just one email per update. Formatted nicely in HTML, too!

    Likoma: I think what’s happening to you is diff. than what’s happening to me. The plugin is supposed to generate a single notice to subscribers & I’m guessing that while you may be getting more than one, your subscribers prob. aren’t.

    I know for a fact that my subscribers are getting 2 dupes on some days & even 3 on others.

    But I’ll check out that alternate plugin & see how it goes. Thanks for that suggestion.

    You might try my WP-Digest add-on as an alternative:

    Will require a bit more configuration, but you’ll have total control, and it’s more designed for the summary/digest task.

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