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  • My post notification e-mails were working as expected, with the generic site e-mail address shown as the sender’s address.

    Then all of a sudden, three of my notification e-mails are sent out showing my private (master) e-mail address (containing my name no less) which is never used anywhere in my blog, only by my hosting provider (or at least I can’t remember/find the field in WP where I would have entered that private address).

    What happened, and how do I fix it?

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  • @tolimas,

    Something must have been changed. Try going to Settings->Subscribe2 and looking at the setting for who the email message comes from.

    Try changing it to the administrator level account that has the email you want used for the email notifications.


    I double-checked the “Send email from” value, making sure it was from the title of my website, and not from a specific user or post author. However, I just posted a new post, and got my own name announced in the notification e-mail again.

    I then tried sending a message to the only registered user (myself) using the Send Message function, and got the correct “From” address in the mail.
    Then I decided to set the “Send email from” value to “post author”, and guess what, I got the following error message “Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider”.

    As only my master e-mail address was involved in the erroneous messages, and the master address is only my identification with the hosting provider (not used anywhere else and cannot receive mail), I realise it does have to do with my hosting settings.

    Just got off the phone with the hosting provider who suggested that Subscribe2 found the system e-mail address somewhere in my WP installation files and is using it for its e-mail function.

    Any idea where the plugin might have found it?


    If you are using your Website beam as the sender in the options it will user the email address as entered at Settings->General in WordPress where it says “E-mail Address”.

    As I said above, the best way is to set up a user account with administrator level privileges and the email address you want the notifications to come from and then pick this account from the drop down list at Subscriber2->Settings.

    Thanks. I only now realised your suggestion to set up a new user with admin rights.

    This looks good so far, but I’ll see how it goes when a post is published.

    Thanks again, that’s fast help.


    I created a new user and posted a new update on my blog today – and got the same sender’s address in the notification mail which was not supposed to be public. Only the recipient’s mail was changed to the new user’s mail address, but that does not help much.


    Now that you have set up your new user have you also been to Subscribe2->Settings and chose that account to be your sender?

    Yes, of course. Double-checked now – and got the same result with a new post today.


    Let’s go back to the beginning and start checking things from scratch. What version of WordPress and Subscribe2 are you using? Had you upgraded or installed any other plugins when this suddenly stopped working? Something must have been changed in order for this to happen. Are you using other emailing plugins at all?

    I am having the same problem. Emails are being sent from the blog email address, and changing the settings under Send Email From: dropdown to another administrator has no effect. I have tried several different administrators and nothing changes.




    Same difficulties here as well.

    WP 3.2.1
    Subscribe2 7.1

    This is the first I’m using it, so I don’t know if anything else would have caused the problem. It’s a new site, clean installs on everything.

    Other plugins that use email (but don’t have the wrong email address listed): Contact Form 7 and Social Media Widget

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    When you are in Subscribe2->Settings, how many options are there for your “sender”?



    There are 4, one for each of 2 admins, one based on the name of the site itself (based on what’s in the WP General Settings area), and one for Post Author.

    I’m one of the admins — no matter what I set it to, it’s sending from my address. I need it to go from one of the other addresses (and I’d rather not have to delete my admin account).


    Which emails does this apply to? Per-post notifications / digest notifications / confirmation emails?

    It may be because you are not using a current version of WordPress but that shouldn’t make a difference – it seems to be that the sender data collection is using a fall back because the first attempt to collect the user data of your preferred sender is failing. Have you tried deactivating all other plugins to exclude a plugin conflict?


    I’m using WordPress 3.2.1 (not too excited about updating to the latest version after all the compatibility woes) and the following plugins:
    -Advertising Manager
    -Thumbnail for Excerpts
    in addition to Subscribe2 (version 7.1).

    In the Subscribe2 settings menu, I also have four options of setting who the notification mail comes from (similarly to bws-online).


    I know that WPTouch and Akismet are both fine as I use those. Try deactivating the other plugins and see if it’s still an issue.

    Also, same questions still remains unanswered:

    Which emails does this apply to? Per-post notifications / digest notifications / confirmation emails?

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