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  • I am running WordPress 3.2.1 and PlatformPro. Things were function perfectly for 6 months and then two weeks ago Subscribe2 stopped working. We had made no changes to the site at all. We have implemented some of the steps suggested on this forum including Restrict the number of recipients per email to 1, removed the plug in and re-installed in manually. Still it is not functioning. HELP!!

    This is our site:


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  • @p648admin I use WP Super cache plug in. I am not sure that has anything to do with my problem as it seems to only error after getting a new subscriber, but then works itself out.

    Is there any final take-away/recommendation on how to deal with the GoDaddy/Subscribe2 problem? I am really NOT-TECHNICAL and need to figure out what to do about this–have let it go on way too long. Is there something I can do myself that doesn’t require coding knowledge, etc? Or do I need to retain someone more skilled than i–and if so, what exactly do I tell them needs to be done?

    Thank you so much for any help you can give on this!!! (My website is Plan B Nation: Living Creatively in Challenging Times at


    Amy Gutman

    i’m technical, just haven’t had bandwidth to follow up on this, my wordpress site is small, mainly use it to get information to a cub scout pack.

    Just opened a support ticket, if I can get any resolution on the subscribe2/email issue, will post an update.

    I just found this explanation / solution, which sounds simple–if it works. Not sure how you change the Subscribe2 email though–isn’t it just your admin email? In which case, I’d need to get both a new email and attach it to the correct gravatar? Anyway, would love to know if this makes sense to (technical) you or if you have success w/it.

    Amy Gutman


    Go to Subscribe2->Settings and you should see a drop down list where you can select the ‘sender’ email account. You will have Post Author, the name of your blog and them names of admin level accounts.

    You may need to set up a new admin level user account and give it the email you want and then come back here and choose that new account as the sender.

    So here is what I understand from Go Daddy – I have clients on the host with trouble getting email notifications to go through too.
    Apparently – Go Daddy customers are allowed to send 100 maximum (99?) emails through AT A TIME daily – AND – a daily total of no more than 250 smtp relays.

    So If I understand correctly they could not send out more than 250 emails daily and their subscribe2 email subscriber list must be under 100… (could configure some way of getting out 250 notifications with some creativity I suppose).

    Basically GO Daddy is pushing their new email marketing plan …. making it impossible for us non spammers to use the email services even for legitimate purposes. I was told my clients using (for example) Mail Chimp a free email marketing plan would also have to use alternative email accounts as anything over 250 relays per day would get blocked if it were used with a GO Daddy email account. – or he could buy into their email marketing plan – which does not do the same functionally wonderful instant email notification that subscribe2 does. 🙁

    I am very sorry to report this as I LOVE the subscribe2 plug in but I also fear this may become a more global issue as the desire to crack down on Spam is a movement other places too.

    I have installed the smtp plug in for a client and configured it – he has less that 100 peeps subscribed and set the # of recipients per email to 1 from 0… I will let you know if it works in the next day or so.
    …………. Bummer!

    Blech Blech Blech. Should I think about changing hosts? Would that help? Someone said Bluehost (?) wasn’t having this problem?

    I *did* finally get the Subscribe2 plugin to work again on my GoDaddy site by taking the advice I linked to above: setting that # thing to 30 (vs. 0) and changing my email from gmail to my blog’s email address.

    BUT: My list is just under 100 at this point so not sure if the fact that it worked this time is only b/c of that. Need to sort this out b/c I’ll soon cross the threshold

    Also: Can someone tell me how I check to see that EVERYONE on the list got the email? (A couple of people have told me they got it, but I don’t know where to check for a global report on what was sent/rec’d)

    Thanks again everyone!!!

    Amy Gutman


    Should you think about changing hosts? Well, ask yourself if you are happy with you current provider. Are they helping you deliver the site you want with as many of the features as you would like? If not then start asking other providers if they can deliver more than you are getting currently. If they say they can then seriously think about moving.

    As for delivery confirmations, the only way would. E to ask them all and hope they all responded. But Ida few of your readers got the email then almost all of them should have.

    I agree – my host allows for 5,000 email per day and no more than 500 per hour. My clients at Go Daddy – some will not want to move entirely but they may choose to host their email elsewhere…


    There is no reason to not have higher limits as your provider has and to take more note of server mail sending activity with protocols to throttle accounts where abuse is suspected. Then close the accounts where abuse is proven to protect other server account holders and the greater Internet. As you say I get the impression that GoDaddy are pushing people to their paid solution. And that’s fine too, but at least be honest about it.

    @cathibosco1: The Subscriber2 plug-in wasn’t working at all w/GoDaddy when I was using my gmail–I only got it to work by changing to the email connected to my hosted by GoDaddy blog (

    Here’s a link to the explanation I found–is there a way to change my email that would work with the plug-in withOUT switching from GoDaddy? It didn’t sound like it from reading this:


    is there a way to change my email that would work with the plug-in withOUT switching from GoDaddy?

    I doubt it, GoDaddy seem to be blocking any off-domain emails.


    @mattyrob: So–follow-up question–would it help to change hosts? Or am I likely to encounter the same (or different) problems elsewhere?

    @amygutman. Change hosts. We moved to Bluehost…not a songle problem

    Thanks for all the help, everyone. WordPress forums rock!

    Is it a big deal to change hosts? (In terms of potential site problems, expense, etc)? Anyway, I can look into this myself (obviously) but if anyone has thoughts or quick response, would love to hear.

    Again, big thanks!

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