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    I had successfully installed subscribe2 (thanks for the great plugin btw!) and after I upgraded to WordPress 3.5.1, the link that people get to confirm their subscriptions does not actually confirm their subscription when they click on it. The email address still appears red in the back end. Please advise, thank you.

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  • @theshadowba,

    What do you seen in your browser when you click on a confirmation link?

    It just redirects to my homepage.


    I can see the [subscribe2] shortcode on your site at the moment but the plugin must be inactive as it is not being replaced with the form. As such I can’t really make any suggestions right now.

    One thing to check though, if you are using the widget, make sure it’s the one built into the Subscribe2 plugin that needs enabled on the Settings page. Also make sure to direct the Widget to a suitable location (in the Widget settings) where the Subscribe2 form is available.

    Sorry about that, I have turned the plugin back on. Thanks.


    Okay, that at least is displaying a form, but it’s been edited and customised. I’m not sure if that’s what also broke it.

    Also, I cannot find a WordPress page on your site that handles subscriptions and unsubscriptions as recommended in the Installation instructions.

    So, first thing to do is create that page and direct your widget to that, also set the page as the core plugin page. If that doesn’t help you need to revert to the original code of the plugin and see if that restores the functionality. (For example the existence of ‘submit’ $_POST input is important in the plugin yet on your form you’ve switched to an image button.

    Thanks so much for the quick response. I have created the subscription page here:

    I am usure where to “direct your widget to that” as I cannot find anywhere to do that in the plugin. Is there a place in the core file to add this direction?

    I do understand what you are saying abou the $_POST input re: the image button and I’ll try that. Thanks!


    Go to the Widget page and open it up and you’ll see all the settings, one of those is a drop down of pages. If you don’t see any of this then you aren’t using my widget.

    I am having the same issue. The link that people get to confirm their subscriptions does not actually confirm their subscription when they click on it. The email address still appears red in the back end.

    Nor do I receive emails when a new person subscribes even tough the radio button Send Admins notifications for new:” Subscriptions Unsubscriptions Both Neither” is set to Both

    The plugin is activated. A success page is shown after they subscribe.

    The site is

    Any thoughts?


    The confirmation linked is directed to here:

    But that page does not contains the Subscribe2 shortcode. Add it to the page content and it should work.

    Thanks for the quick response. I have added [subscribe2] to the confirmation page.

    However, this still does not resolve the issue of the status remaining Unconfirmed on the Subscribe2->Subscribers page, nor sending me an email when there is a new subscriber/unsubscriber.

    Any other ideas?

    Be sure to set the page you create in the Subscribe2 Settings under Settings > Appearance > “Set default Subscribe2 page as ID:”

    That ended up working for me.


    Something on your site is stripping out any $_GET information from the url, it’s probably a plugin that handles permalinks. Try disabling all other plugins and see if the link then works. If it does, reactivate one at a time until it breaks and you have found the culprit.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have Deactivated absoluteley everything now and still have the same symptoms.



    Try a core WordPress theme then, it could be related to your theme.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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