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  • I installed Subscribe2 v2.2.0 a few weeks ago because several of my users wanted email notification of new posts. It set up easily enough, and the email confirmation process appeared to go smoothly, as I received emails notifying me of each new subscriber.

    But when I posted the first update to my blog, no emails went out. No one received notification–not even me. I’ve searched and searched and searched for a way to resolve this, but I’m coming up empty (as the only threads I found pertaining to it were either unrelated or unresolved).

    Can anyone help, please?

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  • Anything in your email server’s error logs or even the normal mail logs?

    No, but then nothing at all is in my server’s “Sent” folder for the account from which I’m generating the updates, if that’s what you’re referring to.

    In fact, the confirmation emails show as being sent from that account, yet they don’t show up in my Sent folder, either.

    Is this what you were asking? Sorry, but I’m new and naive about this stuff, but most appreciative of your help.


    The emails won’t show in your sent items as the mails were sent using the PHP mail() function.

    Ask your server host why the emails are not being sent, they can access the logs for you.

    I’m having the same problem with not receiving emails. I know that the PHP mail() function works because I use it with a Contact Form on the site. And I’m only sending it to 8 people so the BCC issue is moot for me.

    I contacted my host and they told me that the website would default to using PHP mail(), but if it wasn’t working that I should change the server in my Admin. I’m not aware of any server changes available to me in the Admin!

    By the way, I just sent an email to all subscribers via Admin – Write – Mail Subscribers and it went through.

    For clarification, the above method works for sending an email to everyone, but I still can’t get an email sent out when I create a new post on the website. Seems like if one works then other would to. *scratching my head*

    I had all sorts of problems (my host’s fault) using subscribe2 and finally gave up and switched to feedburner email digests.

    Not a solution, but something to think about.

    Hmm, the plugin has stopped working for me too. mail() works fine though and subscribe2 used to work. I dunno if it’s a new version or what though that broke it.

    I’ve had the same problem. The plugin was working a few weeks ago and then stopped. After that, I updated to the new version, but still no luck (with either notifications when posts are updated or through Write > Mail Subscribers). Emails aren’t going into spam, and my host doesn’t see any error logs.

    There may be an issue between Subscribe2 and WordPress 2.2.1 in the wp_mail function built into WordPress.

    I’m dropping using wp_mail in the next revision (3.7). You could try replacing the 3 instances of wp_mail with mail in the subscribe2.php file to see if that helps.

    Our subscribers stopped getting emails around the time that I updated to WP 2.1.1. I have just installed Subscribe2 v 3.7. However the subscriber list shows up on the left as Registered but Unconfirmed. There does not appear to be any way to move them to the centre or to delete them and start again.

    Best wishes


    Simon, No it doesn’t, the right column is unconfirmed, the left column is registered users. These users manage their own subscriptions or you can bulk manage them in Manage -> Options.

    I’m having the same problem. I have about 30 subscribers and I can email to the subscriber list through the admin, but they do not get notifications of new posts.

    Do these two functions not use the same mail function?
    How can it be that one works and the other does not?

    BTW, I am using WordPress 2.2 and Subscribe2 3.7

    I stand corrected. I was using WordPress 2.2 and Subscribe2 3.6.

    As soon as I upgraded to 3.7 it all started working.

    The widget sill doesn’t work though.

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