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  • Hello:
    I’m having an issue with subscribe2 that seems solvable, but I’m no coder so hoping someone can help me figure things out.

    I have subscribe2 to where it sends out a confirmation message. When the person clicks on the link, however, a 403 error results.

    The offending link adds a /wordpress/ path. I’ve decided to copy the link, then paste it into the address bar of Firefox. I then removed the /wordpress path, and at that stage the confirmation was successful.

    My core WordPress files are in a /wordpress directory, whereas my index.php file for my site is on the root level. The subscribe2.php file has a bunch of “siteurl” references in it. I’ve tried replacing “siteurl” with the absolute address of my site, but it wouldn’t take. If I change the siteurl in WordPress itself, it could break things left and right.

    Is there a handy workaround or fix that I could make within the subscribe2.php file, or modify in myPHPAdmin, or whatever it takes to get the plugin to work properly?

    I’m hoping that I can get an answer to this soon. The author of the plugin seems to be doing less online support from what I’ve read on his home page, and I just may have to ditch it if I’m unable to get assistance. I’ve searched in vain online, and the closest I’ve found was for a previous version that’s now outdated.


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