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    Since updating to 3.1 I’ve had to deactivate Subscribe2 or else the header menu does not show up and the RSS widget does not appear either.

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  • @princess_giggles,

    I’m not seeing that on my 3.1 test sites or my live 3.1 site. Is it the header on the front side or the admin area? What theme are you using?

    It’s the brand new header bar on the front side of the blog, as well as the built in RSS widget. If I activate Subscribe2 they both disappear. I’ve tried it using a personalized child theme of 2010 as well as 2010. When Subscribe2 is deactivated there are no issues.


    I cannot replicate this issue on my test sites. Have you excluded a plugin conflict? Does this happen with ONLY Subscribe2 enabled?

    It happens whenever I have a RSS feed widget in my sidebar. I am using the built-in RSS feed widget and not a separate plugin.

    I’ve set up two blogs with the same plugins. On one everything works just fine. On the other the new admin bar and the RSS feed break when both Viper’s Video Quicktags and Subscribe2 are active. This is only happening on one of the blogs, not both of them. And the plugins on both are the same.

    Just jumping in here with my 5 cents worth….

    Sounds like you may need to thoroughly check whether everything else is also the same – php version etc.

    Also from searching other problems on web i’ve seen advice to the effect that sometimes the wp install or upgrade was not always complete or got corrupted – with some folks it was the javascript might explain the admin bar, but not the feed widget.

    Maybe if you ftp the “working sites” wp code etc to the non-working ?

    Since all of my blogs are on the exact same server (and the two in question right now are even under the same domain), I’m pretty sure that would mean they’re using the same php version.

    Per your suggestion though I did try reinstalling WP 3.1. That didn’t work. I tried copying the files from the working blog over as well. That didn’t make a difference either.


    Try downloading and installing the latest development version and see if that helps.

    We’re having an issue with emails going out after upgrading to 3.1.

    I installed the development version last night, and postings going out today didn’t generate emails to subscribers.

    Are there any updates, or directions you could send us in?

    If there’s a bit of the module that needs to be rewritten for 3.1, I may be able to do that.



    I checked in some more changes last night, I’m not sure if you’ve got those too so try the dev version again.

    I’m still having the same problem. Thanks for trying though.

    I am having a similar problem after installing WordPress 3.1. Up until then, Subscribe2 was functioning, but only after I got the tip, because my host is Yahoo Business, to edit subscribe2.php to change “subscribe2” to “subscribe3” in this line:
    $this->public = $table prefix . “subscribe2”;
    After I made that change, subscribe2 worked in sending emails.

    Then I updated to WordPress 3.1 and all of my subscribers disappeared in the Subscribers settings in Tools. So I then made the change again to the line in subscribe2.php. My subscribers reappeared, but still no luck on the emails being sent. Then I deleted subscribe2 as a plugin in the WordPress plugins area, and I deleted the subscribe2 folder in plugins. Then I reinstalled subscribe2 and when I made the change again to subscribe2.php my subscribers reappeared. But still no luck on subscribe2 sending the emails it is supposed to send.

    So I currently have subscribe2 completely nonfunctional, at least from the standpoint of sending emails. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.


    You will have to re-apply the “subscribe2” to “subscribe3” after every update unless you can use PHPMyAdmin to backup the contents of the current table, then drop it and re-install it as “subscribe2”.

    With respect to your current mailing issues, try the development version of the code as there are some WordPress 3.1 specific fixes in there.

    I copied the development version files into my WordPress installation, and I will see later today whether that solves the problem.
    Since I am not familiar with how to install a plugin when it is not through the WordPress plugin area, let me explain that I did this with your development version:
    1. I unzipped the files.
    2. I Opened FileZilla
    3. I copied the Subscribe2 folder in plugins in my current installation (at my host, Yahoo Business) to my hard drive
    4. Then I deleted the contents of the subscribe2 subfolder in plugins in my WordPress installation
    5. Then I copied the files from the unzipped development version on my hard drive to the empty subscribe2 subfolder in plugins on my WordPress installation (at that point, ll of my subscribers disappeared from the settings in WordPress)
    6. Then in subscribe2.php I edited the table_prefix line to change subscribe2 to subscribe3 (then all of my subscribers reappeared in the WordPress settings)

    Thanks very much, and I’ll have time later today to post a blog article to see if the email is automatically sent to subscribers.

    In response to MattyRob’s post directed to me (@Drew):
    I installed the “development version” of Subscribe2 and made sure subsribe2 was changed to subscribe 3 (because my host is Yahoo business). All subscribes appeared.

    I then posted a new message on my blog and Subscribe2 did not send the email to my subscribers, with the exception I describe below. So it is still not working (I explained the history in more detail in my post above).

    To be more precise about what happened after installing the “development version”: Subscribe2 sent 2 identical copies of an email to my email address (but to none of my 20 other non-registered subscribers), using the email template in the Subscribe2 settings. I believe the duplicate emails were sent to me because I am the only registered user in the Subscribe2 subscriber list in settings. For all of my “public subscribers” in my Subscribe2 list of subscribers, they did not receive any email.

    So I think Subscribe2 sent the automated email to only a registered subscribers, and not to any public subscribers.

    Before installing WordPress 3.1, Subscribe2 worked properly, sending the automated email to all of my subscribers.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions.

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