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  • I upgraded to Subscribe2 HTML version this week so my public subscribers can receive html emails. I sent out my first post on Wednesday and only some of my 70 subscribers received notification emails. Those who did not receive it checked their spam and there was no notification email in there. I have emails coming from and have the number of recipients per email set as 1. My site is hosted by (yes I’ve read there might be issues there).

    Secondly those who received email all got the full HTML version but my setting is set for them to receive the HTML excerpt version and I can’t figure out where something his wrong. Please help as I have 2 days left for my support since purchase and I cannot find where this support is supposed to come from.

    Please keep in mind I am new to WordPress. My website is Thank you!

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  • @tnf11,

    With respect to the issue, I am still no closer to identifying the reason much less a fix as GoDaddy are not helping. Things to double check – make sure the email address you are sending from does actually exist and try using an SMTP email plugin to channel emails through the GoDaddy really server for email – but bear in mind this can delay delivery but an hour or more.

    The HTML version has a support forum here. The HTML version send HTML full content to all Public subscribers. If you want that changing you’ll need to edit the code. What you need to change is detailed in this thread.

    I will make sure the admin address does exist and hopefully I can correct some issues with Go Daddy. Can you provide the code and instructions how and where to change so subscribers can receive the excerpt? I certainly do not know how to write code or know what I’m doing in that regard! I read everything artfully when I bought the upgrade and did not see that they would only receive the full version. I definitely do not want that to happen because I want people to click through to my website to read the full version. Thank you for your help!

    I’ll contact you direct via your purchase details.

    Hi Matt,

    So everything worked with the first post after the upgrade and change of code. I just tried my next post and now nobody received any sort of email notification. Nothing has been changed on the site or with my host. I also don’t have any more subscribers – they remained the same. Recipients per email is still set to 1. Any reason why the second post won’t work if nothing has changed? Any help would be greatly appreciated! The countless hours I’ve tried to fix it have not helped find a resolution.

    I should mention I also tried to do the “send email preview” which had worked in teh past and that no longer works either.

    @tnf11 / Tiffany,

    I think we sorted some of this via email. If you are not Tiffany let me know 🙂


    I bought the HTML version of Subscribe 2 but cannot get on to the Premium Service support, even though I paid for support. I have tried numerous times but am getting nowhere. Please help.Or can I write here about my query? It relates to not all of the subscribers recieving the Digest Emails.



    Feel free to open a new thread here.

    Hi Matt,

    Issue is not all my subscribers receive the Digest Email. I have had Subscribe2 since Christmas and recently upgraded to Subscribe2HTML. However an ongoing issue has been some subcribers not receiving the email. I have 2000+ on my database and my Web Designer who is also hosting the site says that this is not designed to handle a database this big. He has suggested I upgrade and move the account to a VPS hosted solution – this will allow you to send all the emails at once, which should prevent any emails getting stuck in the mail queue.. He says it should solve the problem – no certainty there and this costs an additional $200pa.
    Has this issue been flagged with you before? I know that it will only send 500 per hour and the last time I sent a Digest Email, about a week ago, I recieved about 125 “Mail Delivery Deferred” messages. However I don’t think any of those were resent. I say this because 3 of my colleagues were amongst those in the 125 and non have received the email!

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Will.


    When I said open a new thread I meant for you to start a new topic not simply reply again but hey ho.

    This is a very frequently covered topic. If you are breaching your hosts emailing restrictions then you either need to use a mail queuing plugin or pay for a more capable hosting package.

    I write WordPress Mail Queue and I think there are free alternatives at

    Thankyou Sir!


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