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    I believe I found a bug in Subscribe2 HTML. I just upgraded to the latest 8.5 and the problem still remains.

    When manually sending an email, if I try to add an image that has been rescaled by wordpress… meaning it’s a version that has -100×100, -300×225, -920×360, etc.. at the end of the file name, it will not send the email. If I press the Send button or the Preview button, it thinks about it for a second, and then I get redirected to my site’s home page. No error message. I believe the problem is in the filename of those images, because for example I wanted to add the following image:

    <img src=”×100.jpg” />

    that won’t work, but if I rename the file and change the link to lets say: <img src=”” /> there are no problems. You can use this img link to test out yourself. If I have other images linked in the email that do not have the scaled numbers at the end of the file name, as long as I have at least one, the email messes up

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  • mattyrob



    I just tried this on my site using your image file as specified above. Bear in mind that I needed to flip over into the “Text” tab to correct the HTML as the angle brackets had been coded as HTML entities, but it worked fine for me.

    Try again but check the source of the email in the Text pane before sending – does that help?



    Here’s a screencast of what I am doing:




    That’s strange, I followed those exact same steps as you and in both cases for me the email sent.

    Are you using any other plugins that affect the editor content?

    I traced it down and figured out that the problem occurs when using the WordPress Firewall 2 plugin. The plugin causes the page to get redirected to the home page when either the:

    “Block directory traversals (../, ../../etc/passwd, etc.) in application parameters.”
    “Block WordPress specific terms (wp_, user_login, etc.) in application parameters.”
    setting is selected.

    I can disable those two options, disable the entire plugin, or simply whitelist my ip address and the issue is resolved. Still, it’s strange that the firewall plugin affects this part of the subscribe2 html plugin. Thanks for your help. Great plugin!


    That’s great, I’m really pleased you have things working and I’ll be sure to make a note of this conflict and your work around. Thanks.

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