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  • @craigfaraday,

    Any images included in the post content by inserting an IMG tag will be included. If you are using a gallery style plugin you’d have to test first using the free version and preview posts.


    Adding IMG Tag in the post itself ?
    Just wanting the daily email digest to be in a HTML Formate and include the images from posts
    right now we are using the Subscribe2

    Did you mean free version = Subscribe2 ?



    The daily digest email contains the first 55 words or so of your post content. If the image is right at the start it will be included.

    It will also be included in the HTML version if you use the {IMAGE} keyword and have a post thumbnail assigned in WordPress.

    can you elaborate on the following please

    To use the {IMAGE} where exactly ?

    does the post have to have a thumbnail assigned or will it use the first image from post if it is not assigned a thumbnail?


    {IMAGE} can be placed anywhere, the way the digest is made you cannot have a great deal of control over the layout. If there were options to place things like titles, links, content and images in different orders the number of emails that need to be generated each time the code is called would spiral and the script would fail to run.

    The post has to have a thumbnail I think, I don’t use this aspect of the code and the code was submitted by another use so I can’t really comment fully on how it works. Give it a try with the preview button and see what you get.


    Thanks, I have got the featured image displaying, and tweaked the layout to look ok.

    Only problem now is that both the featured image shows, and the image in the first 55 words. The first 55 words image includes a link and brakes the email (all succeeding text is incorrectly hyperlinked because of broken HTML generated by the plugin).

    Is there any possible way to tell the {POST} tag to maybe strip any HTML img tags out of the first 55 words?


    Only if you edit the code is this possible, you’d need something like this:
    $content = preg_replace("/<img[^>]+\>/i", "", $content);

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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