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  • When you install Subscribe2 you create a page & add a ‘subscribe2’ tag to the page.

    I would like to customize this page so that in addition to the default text I could add a msg. telling people they may also subscribe to individual categories by first registering & choosing which categories they’d like to subscirbe to.

    Should I add this msg. directly into the Subscribe2 page or does it have to go into a subscribe2 file on my server?

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  • You can add it directly to the subscribe2 page. I created a page (Subscribe) and put the slug on it and above the slug I put my message.


    That’s not working for me. I tried placing the text msg. both before & after the slug and neither method gets the subscribe2 form to display. All I see is the text I created. I wonder what might be causing the subscription form not to display?

    Did you place any paragraph of other tags to separate the two fr. ea. other? Or would that even make a diff.?

    All I did was add the slug and my text. As soon as I activated the plugin, it started showing up.





    The code I was using to control the replacement of the token with the form was too rigid. I knew it was too rigid, but I chose to use it anyway, in order to (try to) maintain some level of XHTML compliance.

    The newly released 2.2.2 version of subscribe2 uses a more flexible check to replace the token, and takes greater care to ensure XHTML well-formedness. If you’re not using 2.2.2, please upgrade.

    After that, you should be able to place any text you want before or after the token.

    Had no idea there was an upgrade. Thanks for letting me know. The text is now displaying fine. I guess CalEvans was using 2.2.2

    I installed subscribe2, activated it but can’t get it to work. I created a page called subscribe and inserted the subscribe code. If I clik on the link from my front page now I just get a page that has the <!–subscribe2–> on it.
    What is this thing about post slug..what would i type in the box?
    Strange thing is, when i just posted a new discussion i received an email saying I had subscribed and the email was set up like an update email. So that part seems to work.

    Not sure what you’re doing wrong but it’s something. Are you sure you typed the tag precisely like this?


    Sounds like you entered that correctly but just wanted to check.

    As for the “post slug” my post slug for the Subscribe page is: “subscribe2-form.” You shouldn’t need to create the slug yourself. When you save & publish the post the slug should be generated automatically.

    YOur e mail notification should work independently of your Subscribe form. So the former could work while the latter doesn’t.

    Here’s what my Subscribe screen looks like:

    I’m not sure why yours doesn’t display like this one.

    Hey Richard, I was on your site before I knew of your reply here. I wrote you to ask about this very problem.
    These are the files I have in my plugins/subscribe2 file.
    buttonsnap.php, README.TXT, s2_button.png, s2_marker.png and subscribe2.php
    my subscribe.php I installed into the root of wordpress as directed.
    Why is this so difficult?
    I wish someone would post the directions as though teaching a 5 year old.

    Is there a feature in this plugin or other plugins that registered users can email to an address then it will be boardcasted to all registered users?

    Nevermore: It sounds like you’re not using the latest plugin version which is 2.2.2. Earlier versions installed subscribe.php in the root directory. But 2.2.2 installs the whole shebang right in the wp-content/plugins folder. YOu really should be using the latest version as there are conflicts bet. earlier versions & wp 2.0.

    Sfong15: I’m unclear what you’re asking. Can you try again & be more specific? Why would you want registered users e mailing to an address & then broadcasted to all registered users?

    richards, it’s like yahoo group and google group, i.e. registered user of a group can email to an address which will then broadcast to all registered group members.

    I guess there is a need out there for registered users of blog that are not too keen to login and contribute in writing articles/posts. If an email address (secret to registered users only) is available then they could use it either for broadcasting purpose or to post to blog (in effect broadcasting as subscribed users will be notified).

    I have now activated subscribe2 2.2.2 on a WP2.0.2 it works fine, nice job Skippy.

    Have looked at some comments here in support but couldn’t find hints as to how subscription confirmation page can be customized. Mine looks like this at

    How can I customize it?

    It depends what/how you want to customize. But there is a confirmation template which you can customize.

    I have personalized my subscriprion page (see and click on the contact link at top). What is weird, is that when one confims with the link that was sent in the email, it takes them to another page (in my case “noteworthy”). Any ideas?


    SoFlaChris, I have learnt that now.

    Personalize your subscription page doesn’t take subscriber to that page when they click the confirmation link. Open the plugin editor within WP, look up the subscribe2.php file, look for remark “//by default subscribe 2 grabs the first page from your ……” change the zero in this “define(‘S2PAGE’,’0′)” to the page ID you want subscription confirmation link to point to. Create a page for that if you want subscriber to see something special or else they see a standard sentence “you have successfully subscribed”.

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