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    The subscribe2 plugin is not sending emails to anyone besides the admin. This happened once before. A post was made and the box checked to NOT send emails for this one post and then after that the plugin no longer works.

    Is there something that could be breaking the plugin, or is this a glitch?

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  • @dandkandb,

    I’m not aware of any problems in that part of the code that would cause persistent non-sending. What version of Subscribe2 are you using? Are you using any sort of caching that might hold database query results? If you are try clearing it.

    Thank you for your response and trying to help me!

    I was using the most recent version before the last one. Today I reinstalled the plugin so we upgraded to the latest version and I have followed the prompts on clearing the page cache every time I make any sort of change.

    After re-installation I can add in a few email addresses and it works and sends out emails but if I add in the whole list which is about 18 people then it stops working.

    I have tried both copy and pasting in the list from the downloaded csv and manually typing the addresses in. Neither method solved the problem.

    Any ideas? Thank you.


    Seems like you may be running into an emailing rules on the server. In Subscribe2->Settings change the number of recipients per email to 1 and ensure that emails are being sent by an on-domain email address.

    Thank you for your response, I changed the settings as you advised and it resolved the problem. Thank you!

    I had no idea that 18 emails could go over a host’s limit. That seems kind of odd to me. I did check into the host’s other limits. They have a 200 email per hour limit. Are there any settings in the plug in that would allow the mails to be spread out over a few hours if we get beyond that number of subscribers?

    Thanks again for your awesome work!


    The limitation is more on the use of the BCC header. The changes you made ensure that emails are delivered direct to each subscriber as opposed to being delivered to you with recipients in the BCC header.

    The former looks a lot less spammy so gets through more often.

    There are no settings in Subscribe2 to stagger delivery but there is another plugin that implements a mail queue within WordPress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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