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    Subscribe2 often sends two (or more) e-mails to some of my subscribers. It’s causing them to complain, causing some to unsubscribe, and recently caused my account host to threaten to shut me down for exceeding their hourly limit. I use WPMailQueue, with a tight throttle, but this duplication is still causing the system to break throttle.

    In fact, this has been going on for years. And it has to stop, or else I’ll have to find another solution, or stop sending e-mails altogether.

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  • @temlakos,

    The code is not written to send duplicates and it doesn’t do this on my sites.

    Try setting the number of recipients per email to 1 in the Subscribe2 settings and check your subscribers database for duplicates and redundant emails.

    If I set “number of recipients = 1”, wouldn’t that mean that only one notice would go out, no matter how many subscribers I had?


    No it wouldn’t, it would mean a single email is sent to each single recipient rather than using the BCC email header. This looks a lot less like spam to email servers and send errors are less likely to result in duplication.

    Incidentally, email is designed in the internet standards to ensure delivery. That means a duplicate is more acceptable than a non-delivery.

    I have the same problem. I have set the plugin to send a digest email once a day. Some days my subscribers receive one email and some days two email with same content.

    The number of recipients is set to 1.

    Thank you…


    Are you also using WordPress Mail Queue? And what version of WordPress are you using?

    No am not using Mail Queue. WordPress 3.5.1 and Subscribe2 8.9.1

    Thank you for your quickly response


    The OP was using WordPress Mail Queue so this isn’t an identical issue.

    Nonetheless, it would be worth looking that the message ID in the email headers for users getting duplicate emails. If the ID is the same then it’s actually the same email delivered twice. Email systems are designed to ensure delivery over failure so twice is considered better then not at all.

    If the ID is different there is a possibility the subscriber is on your system twice or maybe a fringe glitch in the code, but this is not something I see on my sites to is must need a pretty unusual set of circumstances to happen.

    The ID is different and the subscribers are only once in my system. The subscribers are registered users.

    I few days ago i switched from “For each post” setting to diggest emails (Once a day)…

    Any suggestions?


    Could be a fringe glitch in the code then but without being able to re-produce it’s hard to say.

    You could try using a server cron event to trigger the WordPress scheduled tasks and see if that helps:

    How To Make The WordPress Cron Work

    I have the same problem as eArtBoard.
    Was there ever a definite solution?

    Two emails per subscriber (not administrators).
    Not using Mail Queue.
    Wordpress 3.5.2.
    Subscribe2 8.9.1.
    Trying to send plain text digest emails only. Once per day max.
    They are getting different emails – not the same email delivered twice.
    Each subscriber is signed up only once.
    All subscribers are public subscribers – there are no registered subscribers.

    Appreciate your help on this. I have this hunch it may send two emails on days when there are more than one post per day? That seems like an issue that would have been found long before now, but that’s the feeling I have.


    I have Subscribe2 working on one of my sites in the same configuration as you (same WordPress, same Subscribe2 and digest mode). I never get duplicate emails irrespective of how many posts have been made.

    Wow man – you’re fast.
    Well if multiple posts per day aren’t the problem, do you have any other suggestions or things I can check?
    I made 1 post today and we’ll see what happens at 6pm I suppose. But if you had other suggestions. I’ll give them a shot.


    Install and activate and email logging plugin like this one:

    It will allow you to see how many emails Subscribe2 is generating each time it is called.

    Hi Matt. Same thing has happened to me, and it coincided with my site getting updated to WP 3.5.2. (I didn’t update, but that’s another mystery.)

    I’m getting two emails to both my test addresses, a Yahoo and a private address. One HTML, and one text. I’m using Subscribe2 8.9.1. One address is public, one is registered (me).

    I’ve set the “number of recipients to 1” as you say above, though it has always been set to 0 in the past and never caused this issue before. There are no dupes in my subscriber list — I’ve only got 35.

    Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.


    It might be worth re-applying the WordPress update. In your WordPress admin area go to Dashboard->Updates and click on the “Re-install Now” button to make sure 3.5.2 is installed properly.

    Also, you might want to install a mail logging plugin so track down where the duplicates are coming from. This one is easy to install and use:

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