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    pluin version 6.4, twenty ten theme

    I used this plugin for a few months, I noticed today that when I save my stting changes, I get fetal error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_get() in /home/XXX…/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 2114

    line 2114 is: if ( date_default_timezone_get() != get_option('timezone_string') ) {

    I would like to uninstall the plugin at this time. Where is the unistall button? I know there is this “unistall.php, but how am I use it? I don.t see any uninstall button in the admin. Am I to call this unistall.php in my browser?
    appreciate any direction as to how to uninstall it. Thanks

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  • @t-p,

    What version of PHP is running on your server? Are you still on 4.x?

    You uninstall from the Plugins menu in the admin area of WordPress. Bear in mind though that there is a known issue in the uninstaller in version 6.4 that will be fixed in 6.5. The work around is already covered on this forum.

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    thanks MattyRob. yes this one is still on php 4.x.

    1. I tried to find way to uninstall from the wp admin area, I could not figure out how.

    2.But meanwhile I found out though, if I use the subscribe.php file from the 6.4 trunk, I don get that error. So my question is: is it ok to use subscribe2.php file from the trunk version?


    Using the trunk code is fine. You being on PHP confirms the exact issue and it’s one I’ve fixed in trunk so you should be good.

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    Thanks MattyRob, trunk6.4 took care of of the fetal error.

    But I still can’t find anywhere in WP admin that says “uninstall” Subscribe2.

    The work around uninstaller you mentioned in previous post, what I am supposed to do with it? Am I supposed to make a uninstall.php file out of it and call it directy in the browser? I doubt it. But I have no idea what to do with it?


    To uninstall you deactivate the plugin and then click “Delete” in the WordPress Plugins page in the admin area.

    The updated uninstall.php file needs to replace the one on your server at wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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