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  • I installed Subscribe2 4.12 with WordPress 2.7

    After following the installation instructions, the subscription form appears on the page, and appears to be working. But, when I enter an email and click “Send”, I get this message on the following page:

    “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”

    Seems like it must be a basic problem, but I tried searching through the other WP forum posts about Subscribe2 to no avail. If there’s any other information I can give you to help you help me, I’d be glad to.

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  • You are seeing this because the plugin is not able to confirm that an email has been sent to the subscriber. Check with your host that you are allowed to send emails from your website.

    If you are allowed to send ask them why current emails are being blocked.

    Hi Matt,

    I have also just installed subscribe2 but on 2.6 installation. I am getting the same problem with a “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.” error message.

    I am able to send emails from my website as I have mailpress which can send emails out. I have not create the page in the setup so if this may be the cause of teh issue i can create it, but please let me know how to get this working.


    Is your server using PHP4 or 5?

    Hi Matt I am running PHP 5.28

    Hi Matt,

    Do you have any further assistance on this??? I am in dire need/

    I am having exactly the same problem, however, although I get the error message, the email is sent out to the subscriber. Subscribe2 is also successfully sending emails to subscribers to notify them of new posts etc. It’s only when you do a subscription that there is an error message.

    I have the latest vesion of the plugin (4.13) and WordPress version 2.7.

    Any bright ideas? I really need to resolve this before I publicise the blog to all of the users of my software! Thanks.

    I am having this issue to of “”Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”

    I called where my file is hosted and they said I should have no issues sending emails.

    my site is here:

    The web host did say he didn’t know what email the emails are genereated from.

    any assistance would be great.

    adding: I tried to send an email to all subscribers which is just me at the moment and I got the following error:

    Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider
    Language string failed to load: instantiate

    I am having the same problem my site is

    I love how most questions never get answered on wordpress support. I always find my exact question being asked (and many others asking too), but never an answer. I think it mostly has to do with no way to subscribe to your post for followup.

    Anyone figure this out these peoples problem with subscribing to a blog yet?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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